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2011 Week 1 Recap

The first week of the New Year has been a busy one. While I love the Christmas season and feel a twinge of sadness when the decorations get packed up every year, I am excited to start another Bargain year. We have big plans this year, and put some of those plans in motion this week.

  • Our new pricing for both rentals and purchases were posted on the Creative Conners site. As promised, purchase prices have increased and rental pricing has decreased.
  • Starting in 2011 we will be building up an inventory of stock items. This will allow us to schedule production time more efficiently and deliver products more quickly to customers. Since 2004, we have built our products on demand to meet incoming orders. In other 2016 words, we keep very little on the shelf and build gear when it is ordered. When a theatre ordered some equipment it took us anywhere from SpikeMark 1 to 6 weeks to ship depending on the size of the order and the specific product being built (e.g. Pushstick winches take longer to build than 2010 Showstopper control panels). Moving toward an ahead-of-time model should be an improvement for cheap nba jerseys our customers and us. By the second quarter of this year, we intend to offer same-day shipping on all our control products. Machinery like the Pushstick and Revolver will still have some lead time, but should ship quicker than in previous Honda years.
  • After some much-appreciated prodding, wholesale nfl jerseys we started a Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • The good folks from Adirondack Studios are starting to install their automated scenery for the upcoming production of Lucia di Lammermoor at the Houston Grand Opera. The automation uses a blend of our Stagehand Mini control, motorized trolleys from Show Distribution, and hoists from ASM. The team at Adirondack Studios integrated all the components to create a cool posts effect, can’t wait to see it in action!
  • Keeping with the Texas theme, we shipped out a Revolver rig to the James E. Taylor High School in Katy, TX for their upcoming production of Into The Woods.
  • And lastly, while listening to one of cheap nfl jerseys this week’s episodes of Dot Net Rocks, I heard a good interview with the founder of GHI Electronics. GHI appears to be the most inspired manufacturer of .Net MicroFramework hardware. grave I quietly lust after the .Net MF as an embedded development platform, and hope one day to release a version of our Stagehand based on that technology and motion chips from PMD. While our current hardware, based around Rabbit microcontrollers and wholesale mlb jerseys National Instruments motion chips, I think that it would be great to develop both the SpikeMark software and our Stagehand firmware on the .Net platform. Someday…

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