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New Logo!

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New Logo!

You can’t make big changes to a company without a brand new logo. With the help of we got a great refresh of the 8-year-old Creative Conners logo. You should start seeing it on the website, in the mail and silkscreened on your new gear starting in September. Here it is:

We like that it’s still true to the original “Gear Guy” graphic that was designed by Adam Forster way back in 2003. That part is ingrained in the company DNA. We simply put a 2011 style on the font and layout and we’re pretty happy with the results. Let us know what you think in the comments.

New Voices

Hello! Ian Donahue here, the new Customer Relations Czar for Creative Conners. Big things are happening in the CCI world and I’d like to tell you about them.

First of all, the company is growing, so we’re moving into a new shop. It’s in Warren, RI and it’s 3200 square feet, enough room for manufacturing, storage, workshops and even a lunch table. If things go as smoothly as expected with the zoning board, we’ll start moving in during August and expect to be fully operational by September 1. This is a big deal for us and the new space will give us the room to spread our wings. We’ll be able to develop more new products and increase or rental capacity.

I would also like to announce the addition of two new staff members. We now have a full time Customer Relations person (that’s me). I’ll be focusing primarily on helping with sales and managing all the public communications; blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This will free up some more time for Gareth to do what he does best: develop great products. That’s where the second new hire comes in. Royal Marty will be joining the company in early August as the Products Czar. We have plans for a bunch of new products this year and Royal will be spearheading those efforts.

This is an exciting time for Creative Conners. Let us know what you think, and keep tuned for more. We’ll be posting a lot more often, so put us in your RSS reader!

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