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Last fall, we decided to make a short video that gives a quick overview of what makes up the Creative Conners system and how easy it is to setup and get running. The result is the aptly-named “Overview Video” you can see above. We expected to get a few dozen hits, maybe a couple of hundred, but on Tuesday we passed 1000 views! We’ll be making some more videos this summer, I’ll keep everyone posted.

Thanks for watching!

More Videos!

Ben Jacobson from Mystic Scenic got us these videos of their ginormous set for the McDonald’s show in Orlando. Thanks, Ben!

New Videos

Matthew Carleton from Geffen Playhouse sent us some videos of his show using our new Curtain Call traveler track machines. (The DS panels are motorized) Thanks to Matthew for sending this in!

Product Demo at Brandeis


I had a nice visit to Brandeis University last week for a product demo for the faculty, staff and students. Here’s a pic of the Theatre Department’s TD, Chris Tedford, writing cues after the demo.

If you want to host a demo at your school or theater, let me know at



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