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LDI Trial Setup

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LDI Trial Setup

Here’s a nice shop of our LDI booth setup. We’re using our new shop to put it together because it’s clean and the only people in there are the electricians running our new power.

The aluminum pipes on the stands are going to be powder-coated black Our carpet is charcoal gray and there will be a 8′ drape behind our booth. As you can see, we have a cueing station for each of our machines and visitors can walk right up and we’ll show them how easy it is to write cues and make things move.

We’ve got 10 days to paint and pack before the truck comes, and then we’ll setup in Las Vegas a couple days before the exhibit starts. If anyone is attending, make sure to stop by booth #663 to see it for yourself and if you need a ticket, just let me know  at – we have a VIP pass for any of our current or potential customers. Hope to see you there.


La Jolla Video with Watchout Integration

We just a great video from La Jolla Playhouse that demonstrates the new Dataton Watchout integration feature in Spikemark. By outputting the motor position information from Spikemark, Watchout can synchronize the video to a moving piece of scenery, which is pretty cool.

The Watchout integration is available in the newest version of Spikemark, v2.8.5, which can be downloaded here. It’s only been a few weeks and we already know of 2 theaters using it and 2 more planning for it in the next few months. If you get to use it in your show, please let us know – we’d love some feedback on real-world usage.


LDI Booth Graphics

We’re getting our booth ready for LDI, and we just got the banner displays in! They’re 8′ wide, 10′ high and curved. They were made by Displays2Go just down the road here in Bristol, RI. The design is by PJ Moore at Command and the art direction is by our Marketing guys at Tribal Vision.

We’ll be assembling the entire booth in our new space next week and I’ll put up some pics when we’re done. So far, it’s looking really good.


Dallas Theater Center Video Contest Submission

We just got some great video from Matthew Mckinney at Dallas Theater Center from their production of Midsummer Night’s Dream. They’ve got a small turntable, a slipstage and nifty rising door trick. Nice job, Matt!


First Submission for the Video Contest

Well, the bar has been set pretty high. Ben Ross at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre has submitted a video for the 2012 Video Contest, and it’s a good one, so if you’re planning on entering the contest, better bring your ‘A’ game! The winner gets a $500 credit towards Creative Conners gear, and all submissions get a $250 credit, so if you’ve got anything, send it to us.



Video Contest – New Rules!

Everyone’s a winner! We’re changing the rules for our 2012 Video Contest. The winner still gets a $500 credit towards Creative Conners automation gear, but now, everyone who submits a video gets a $250 credit! So don’t be shy – get some good video and send it in. We’ll be putting it all together into a loop for our trip to LDI, and I’ll post a link to it here so everyone can see the final product.

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