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Spikemark 3.1 Release

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Spikemark 3.1 Release

Gareth has been hard at work for the last couple of weeks adding some new features to Spikemark and yesterday we posted it on the website for everyone to download. Spikemark 3.1 is a free upgrade for all users of Spikemark, and it is recommended for all users. As always, this upgrade will not effect your existing show files.

The most exciting new feature is 3.1 is built-in firmware upgrade functionality. When you connect to your Stagehands, Spikemark will check to see if the Stagehand is running the most current firmware. If it’s not, Spikemark will show a pop-up letting you know that the firmware is out of date and tells you how to initiate the auto-updater. The rest of the updating is handled automatically. We recommend that everyone keeps their firmware updated.

We’ve also added our new Spotline hoist to the machine library, and there are some bug fixes, so get the newest Spikemark today by clicking here, and get started on updating your firmware.


Curtain Call Assembly Time Lapse Video

Creative Conners assembly video

Here’s a great video that Tom put together of he and Jon assembling a couple of Curtain Call machines for Networks Tours production of Beauty and the Beast. Thanks Tom!


Creative Conners Backstage At The Eagles

Creative Conners gear on The Eagles tour


This summer, The Eagles went on tour with Creative Conners automation, so I went out to see them while they were at The Comcast Center in Massachusetts. California-based staging company All Access, Inc. provided the gear and labor. They had some moving wagons and biparting video panels on this stop. The automation tech is Dale Jewett who gave me a tour of the setup. Lots of thanks for getting me backstage and good luck on the rest of the tour!


Creative Conners gear backstage at The Eagles tour

Creative Conners gear backstage at The Eagles tour



A Big Welcome To Ryan Volna!

Ryan Volna, fabricator for Creative Conners image

We’re excited to announce the newest member of the Creative Conners team! Ryan Volna joined us last week, straight from the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, MN. Ryan will be mostly involved in the actual fabrication of machines which will utilize his welding and metalwork experience, and he’s getting up to speed on the machine tools and our CNC mill.

Ryan also spent a summer at Williamstown Theatre Festival and is a graduate of Hamline University.

It’s going to be great to have another set of hands around the shop. Welcome aboard, Ryan!


New Deck Dog And A Lower Price!

New deck track dog

Exciting news today – we’ve just finished our new dog design and we’ve cut the price by $255!  Using our fancy 4-axis CNC mill to machine the Delrin, we’ve dramatically reduced the labor required and we’re passing that savings on to our customers, for a new low price of $195.

Our new dog is mostly similar to the previous dog, but now it’s 4″ shorter, for a total length of 8″. As with our previous design, the cable passes through the dog and is secured with set screws.

You can read all about the dog here, or view a dimensioned drawing here.


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