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Creative Conners Mouse Pads

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Creative Conners Mouse Pads

For our exhibit at LDI this year, we made up mouse pads to give away during the show. Gareth and Royal worked up a bunch of engineering formulas appropriate for designing machines and added in the Spikemark keyboard shortcuts. We sent it to our LDI designer who worked it into the graphic shown here and we had them printed by We were running a little late with this project so Gareth and I had to carry them out to Las Vegas in our checked bags!

Anyway, if you want one, just email me at and I’ll mail one out to you, just make sure you send me your mailing address.


Pictures From LDI 2012

Well, we’re back from sunny Las Vegas, where Gareth and I spent 3 days exhibiting at the LDI 2012 conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was a great time and we got to meet a lot of new people who have never seen our gear. We told people about the company, about our products, and we ran the machines for anyone who wanted to see them run. We handed out a lot of schwag, ate out a lot, and found out that there are a lot of theaters out there!

The conference was pretty good. It seems that this is the year of the LED, as most of the booths were pushing LED walls, LED spheres, LED moving lights, and LED suits. Some of the booths were just gigantic, and everyone we talked to was really friendly, especially the guys in the Gerriets booth, just down the aisle from us.

Anyway, a lot of people were really interested in the products, so hopefully we’ll see some sales from our exposure at LDI. Here are the photos I promised last week:


The load in:

Creative Conners at LDI 2012 - the load-in


Here’s what the booth looked like when it was done (click for larger image):

Creative Conners at LDI 2012 - Our booth


The Revolver stand and cueing station:

Creative Conners at LDI 2012 - Revolver turntable machine stand


The Pushstick stand and cueing station:

Creative Conners at LDI 2012 - Pushstick theater winch stand and cueing station


Gareth working his magic:

Creative Conners at LDI 2012 - Gareth speaking with an attendee.


During the load-out, we got our knack boxes back pretty quick, but we had to wait another couple of hours for the other boxes:

Creative Conners at LDI 2012 - Waiting for our drayage


Here it is all packed up:

Creative Conners at LDI 2012 - all done


That’s it. LDI 2012 was great and I wanted to thank everyone who wished us good luck. It worked!


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