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Changing the Automation Game

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At Creative Conners, we understand the problems and issues of moving scenery — from budget constraints to the frustrations of poor design.  That’s why our focus is to design and build affordable, easy-to-use automation gear.  With every new product we design, our automation specialists strive to ease the process for stage technicians through:

Simple, production-friendly operation

Scenic automation should be affordable for every production budget – at least that’s how we see it.  Our modular design lets you run our software on any PC, using simple Ethernet networking to connect the system.  We design our products for simplicity and functionality by eliminating unnecessary bells and whistles.  Features like our point and click interface and quick cue creation make it easy for you to operate our products — experienced or not.  The result is automation that’s straightforward, effortless and elegant.

Exceptional product quality

Our software and machinery are used on stage every night, all over the world.  When it’s showtime, you can count on us.  Our software, electronics, and machinery are designed specifically for theatre by folks that work in theatre.  We sweat every detail, test religiously, and only make products that we want to use ourselves.

Incredible live support

Whether you have a simple question about our software or need assistance setting up your new equipment, we’re there for you 24/7.  Think of us as your “resident” technicians, even if we’re thousands of miles away.

A sense of fairness and community.

We are transparent, from openly posting our prices online to sharing the “why” behind our company decisions.  We want to empower regional theatres and school productions by providing them with a level of scenic automation you’d expect to find on Broadway that’s still affordable.  We’re theatre people. We’re looking to build a customer community through interactive forums and user groups that extends the atmosphere of camaraderie we relish in theatre.  The idea is to help you get the most out of our equipment, and to turn your automation visions into reality.