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There’s nothing more frustrating than envisioning a stunning scenic effect only to watch that vision collapse due to budget restrictions, time constraints or system failure.

Gareth Conner experienced this frustration early in his career.  That’s good news for the rest of us. These early disappointments fueled his dream to make sophisticated, straightforward and affordable automation a reality for stage productions of all levels.

Over more than 15 years working in the field, Gareth encountered most of the automation problems regularly faced by theatres.  Too often he noticed that mechanics were creating custom solutions for each show’s automation control needs.  Moreover, most automation programs were slow and tedious.  Gareth obsessed about these problems.  The more he obsessed, the more passionate he became about creating great scenic automation products.  Gareth decided he needed to combine his technical theatre expertise with his software programming skills to address these problems head-on.

In 2004, Gareth started Creative Conners with the enthusiastic support of his wife, Emily.  His first basement workshop was complete with kids playing overhead, a kitten sleeping in his lap, and a cellphone that only had reception near the washing machine.  But his products were solid, his customers satisfied, and the company’s fantastic automation solutions continue to evolve to this day.

Creative Conners has come a long way from the one-man automation fanatic amidst family mayhem.  They’re now a small team of automation junkies with a new shop in Warren, Rhode Island — a good distance from any laundry machines.

 “Many of our clients would say the key to our success is our intuitive Spikemark software, and the reliability of our well-designed hardware and mechanics.  We think the backbone of Creative Conners is actually our obsession with creating simple, elegant automation systems.  This unwavering dedication to our customers’ needs is what moves us.  And what keeps our customers coming back. ”  –Gareth Conner