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Spikemark is the brains behind our automation systems. It’s a free download and with the new Simulator, you can cue your show and watch it run in Spikemark. Click here for all the details.

Spikemark Installer 4.1.6
 – Spikemark is a free download so you can experiment, design, cue, and run all the automation you want in your show.

Release notes

To upgrade from a previous version of Spikemark, uninstall your current version and then download this file.  Your show files will not be disturbed.

Please note:

  • Spikemark runs on Windows PC’s. Spikemark is tested on Windows 7 and above and has touch-screen features for Windows 8 and above. We recommend at least 4gb of RAM.
  • Spikemark now requires .Net Framework 4.  You may need to be connected to the Internet during installation in order for the installer to update Windows to the latest version of Microsoft’s .Net Framework.
  • Stagehand Firmware rev. 12 or higher is also required. Spikemark can update the firmware in your Stagehands if required.

A simple Python UDP server to test the Messenger feature

Log Viewer App


Sometimes you may encounter a few glitches during your performances or tech rehearsals (turntables don’t spin correctly, networks may fall apart, etc.). While we’re continuously working to avoid these setbacks, Creative Conners also wants to make troubleshooting as easy as possible. Our log viewer application is an online tool that allows you to analyze how your automation performed.

Click here to launch the Log Viewer, and for more details, visit our Log Viewer page here.

Showstopper 3 Consolette Firmware

Peruse the release notes to find out what is new in the latest version.
Showstopper 3 Consolette Firmware v2 – Improves network stability.


Motor Calc

Creative Conners Motor Calculator

Designing your own machine? Then you need Motor Calc! Plug in the specs for what you have and it will tell you what your machine can pull. Or if you’re still spec’ing your components, you can find out what you need to get the capacities you’re aiming for. Click here to go to Motor Calc.

Legacy Software

As with most things in life, the pursuit of perfection takes a few tries.  Below are software downloads for Spikemark’s predecessors.

  • Spikemark Installer 3.0.2 – Not ready for the awesomeness of Spikemark 3.1? You can still run the final release of Spikemark 3.0 while you think about it.
  • Spikemark Installer 3.0.1 – Not ready for the awesomeness of Spikemark 3.1? You can still run the pentultimate release of Spikemark 3.0 while you think about it.
  • Avista 1.3.8– The final release of Avista, our original motion control software.
  • Avista 1.3.11– The last patch to our old Avista software.  No installer is needed, just unzip and drop this into your Avista directory.
  • Cue Calculator 1.0– A handy utility that can generate speed and acceleration values to match a specific cue timing requirement.  Works with Avista.
  • Winch Calculator 1.0 – A utility designed to help size winch motors.  This software is provided “as is” (no warranty to its accuracy or suitability is expressed or implied).
  • Vectorworks Circuit Tools – Vectorworks plugins for schematic capture with export of Parts List and Net List for PCB layout.


Stagehand Firmware 

Spikemark 3.1 now includes a built-in firmware upgrade feature. But if you need to run a firmware version lower than the most current, you can get version here and use the updater to get it on your Stagehand. Here’s a blog post with a walk-through for manually loading a specific firmware version.

Stagehand Firmware Files

Please note – ONLY use this firmware on Stagehand motor controllers – DO NOT use this firmware on Stagehand FX.

Stagehand Updater 1.0 – Download and unzip this utility to upgrade your current Stagehand firmware.  We strongly suggest that you review the “Read Me” file before updating any firmware.