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Sometimes you may encounter a few glitches during your performances or tech rehearsals (turntables don’t spin correctly, networks may fall apart, etc.).  While we’re continuously working to avoid these setbacks, Creative Conners also wants to make troubleshooting as easy as possible.  Our log viewer application is an online tool that allows you to analyze how your automation performed.

During a show, Spikemark automatically logs an entry each time a motor changes state, a cue runs or a link executes.  Each time-stamped entry lists the name of the motor, cue or link — along with a description of what happened.  You can review these notes using our online Log Viewer application to assess what went wrong during the performance.

To view the web app, visit:

Log Viewer App

Helpful Tip: Quickly filter messages by typing a motor name or keyword such as “Connection” in the search window.

Need help sifting through your logs? As always, we’re here to assist you with any problems or questions you have.  Feel free to contact us at 401-289-2942 or