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A student’s creative vision is a terrible thing to waste.  That’s why we believe students should have access to the sophisticated automation used in big name productions.

At Creative Conners, we’re dedicated to providing our software and equipment at a price that schools can afford.  We’ll work with you directly to setup a system your school can use for years to come.  Plus, our training programs can help equip students for real-life careers in production and theatre.

Here are few more reasons to try us on for size.

Pricing that keeps it real.  A school’s creative vision shouldn’t be restricted by budget constraints.  With Creative Conners, you can have cutting-edge scenic automation at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

Free software that’s equally real.  The free simulation version of our Spikemark software enables students to gain experience creating automation cues.  With this elegantly designed system, you can even save cues and demonstrate them onscreen to visualize how they would play out.

No cramming needed.  When creating our software and equipment, we focus on keeping it simple.  With features such as our point and click interface and easy cue creation, even a freshman can create sophisticated scenic movement right off the bat.  Need we say more?

A fun kind of study hall.  Our quarterly training workshops are an engaging way for students to learn the ins and outs of scenic automation — straight from the experts.  You won’t need to take attendance.