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The reason we understand your needs is because we’ve walked in your shoes.  (Or at least a beat-up pair just like them.)  Our expertise with scenic automation is rooted in real theatre experience.  Whether you’re a small, seasonal operation or a local playhouse, Creative Conners knows how to bring your ideas to life.

What we bring to the stage:

A chicken in every plot.  The greatest restrictions on creative vision often arise from budget constraints.  Our passion lies in creating the same automation seen on Broadway at a fraction of the price.  Automation for everyone!

Digi-liciousness.  You don’t want to diddle with hardware and software.  You want to create.  Our equipment and software make it second nature to create scenic automation with that distinct degree of awesomeness.

Simple Sophistication. The less you have to think, the better… right?  With features like our point-and-click interface and easy cue creation, we take the complexity out of sophisticated scenic automation.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes. Need to switch from Magic Flute to Rocky Horror Picture Show?  Turn and face the strange.  You can repurpose our software and machinery again and again to meet the specific needs of each production.  No more buying or renting new gear every time you put on a different show.

Hone Sweet Hone.  Our quarterly training workshops teach technicians and professionals the ins and outs of scenic automation.  Learn tips straight from the experts, and take your skills to a whole new stage.