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Pushstick Pro Starter Kit

Starter Kit: $33,000

Our Pushstick v2 Pro Starter Kit will equip you for automated productions for years to come. Whether you’re venturing into scenic automation for the first time — or a seasoned technician in need of new equipment — our starter kit is everything you need at an affordable, discounted price. Includes our rugged Pushstick v2 winch, a reliable Stagehand Pro AC controller and intuitive Spikemark software — with all of the complementary products you need to hook up scenery and make it move.

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Automation for motorized scenery


The Pushstick v2 is a workhorse winch designed for the theatre. Fast, quiet, rugged, and simple to setup, this winch makes moving scenery an easy part of your production. Pushstick ships ready to plug into a Stagehand Pro AC, getting you up and running quickly.

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Make your motors move

Stagehand Pro AC

These all-in-one motor controllers are the main interface between your computer and your machinery. And with an easy to use, modular design, the Stagehand Pro AC is the perfect machine to get your scenery moving.

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Showstopper 3

We’ve completely redesigned our Showstopper system, and you’re going to love the improvements! The new Showstopper Consolette features a jogging joystick and positioning knob to put motor control at your fingertips. Redundant self monitoring emergency stop circuits create an industry-leading combination of robust reliability and ease-of-use. We’ve separated the emergency stop components from cue control for increased modularity and expanded capabilities.

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Spin your Turntable with ease


Spikemark software is the intelligent force behind our system — and key to our success. We designed Spikemark to be affordable yet remarkably intuitive, focusing on easy-to-use functionality for elegant automation. With Spikemark, you’ll be orchestrating elegant scenic automation in no time!

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Pushstick Pro Add on Kit

Add-on Kit: $28,000

If you’re already running Creative Conners gear, you can get a Pushstick Pro Add-On Kit that will give you everything you need to start moving scenery in your next production.


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Pushstick Winch, your workhorse backstage
Pushstick Pro Starter Kit
Pushstick Winch, your workhorse backstage
Pushstick Pro Add on Kit
$33,000 $28,000
Pushstick v2 Pushstick v2
Stagehand Pro AC Stagehand Pro AC
Spikemark Software License
50′ Power Cable 50′ Power Cable
50′ Ethernet Cable 50′ Ethernet Cable
50′ Showstopper Cable 50′ Showstopper Cable
Deck Dog Deck Dog
Turnaround Sheave Turnaround Sheave
Mule Sheave (2) Mule Sheave (2)
Showstopper 3 Base Station
Showstopper 3 Consolette
Ethernet Switch
10′ Ethernet Cable

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