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Creative Conners cheeseboro pulley for battens

Spot Blocks

Brand spankin’ new!  You asked and we delivered.  Overhead spot lifting sheaves with the awesome Megaclamp built-in.  Your spot rigging prayers are answered.

Learn more about our Spot Blocks!


Deck Sheaves

The perfect hardware for rigging winch tracks.  They can be used with our dogs or yours, and we have a wide variety of configurations to handle different deck tracks.

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New deck track dog


Deck Dogs and Deck Knives

A key component for building deck winch tracks, our dogs offer a convenient way to attach scenery to a Pushstick winch.  Just slip the cable through and tighten the setscrews.  Setup couldn’t be simpler.

Learn more about our deck dogs and knives!


Light Source Mega-Coupler


We now carry Mega-Couplers from The Light Source, so if you’ve got a hankerin’ for some pipe clamp goodness, look no further.

Learn more about our Mega-Clamp line!

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