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Deck Dogs and Knives

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Dogs are a key component for building deck winch tracks.  Our dog offers a convenient way to attach scenery to a Pushstick winch.  Slip the cable through and tighten the set screws, it couldn’t be simpler.

Key features:

  • Low friction – The entire dog body is machined from a solid block of High Density Polyethylene producing a very slick dog that will glide over gaps and bumps in your deck.
  • Low-profile – At 1-3/8″ tall, the dog will slip under a show deck built out of 1-1/2″ thick framing.
  • Easy to knife – The dog will accept a 1/4″ x 2″ knife making it easy to fit your own scenery knives.  Using steel or aluminum bar, just stab through your wagon and into the dog.  The dog’s beveled ears make it easy to line up the knife when your backstage, on your knees, in the dark.

Click here to view a dimensioned drawing of the dog.


Creative Conners deck dog for deck tracks

Deck Dog

Price: $200

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image of Creative Conners deck track knifeDeck knife

1/4″ x 2″ x 12″ long cold-rolled steel with a finger-hole at one end.

Price: $100

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