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Creative Conners makes some of the finest machinery in scenic automation.  With SEW Eurodrive motors and seamless integration with our Stagehand, these machines are strong, quiet and reliable.

Vertical lifting made safe and easy


Our newest machine. Vertical lifting made safe and easy.

Learn more about Spotline



The Creative Conners winch. If you have scenery you need to move, this is your machine.

Learn more about The Pushstick


The perfect machine for edge-driven turntables.

Learn more about The Revolver

Curtain Call Traveler Track Winch

Curtain Call

Elegant automation for your traveler track.

Learn more about The Curtain Call


Linear motion without the hassle.

Learn more about Trickline


Machine Parts

Machine Parts

Want to roll your own? Looking to replace a worn part? Here are some great components for your next creation.

Learn more about Machine Parts


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