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Curtain Call

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Curtain Call Traveler Track Winch

Elegant automation for your traveler track.
Curtain Call is the latest addition to our stable of electric winches. Attaching directly to your traveler-track batten or truss, it frees up deck space and can be easily flown. Plug-and-play compatibility with our Stagehand controller and Spikemark software makes traveler automation easy and elegant.

Key features:

  • Easy to mount – Curtain Call is built with 1.5″ pipes for easy cheeseborough mounting to either pipe battens or box truss.
  • Slick – V-pulley tension loop driven by a 1hp SEW Eurodrive gearmotor pulls up to 1500 lbs of scenery.
  • Fast – Curtain Call moves curtains at 32″/sec, and with a Stagehand AC it can be oversped to move at a brisk 64″/sec.
  • Rugged – Aluminum plate construction makes the Curtain Call extremely strong and the v-pulley system can produce up to 220 lbs of pull on your haul line. 


  • Curtain Call: • $15,000


  • Curtain Call: • 4-6 weeks


  • Size – Curtain Call measures 19″ wide x 34″ tall x 12.75″ deep. (With hardware. Depth of frame is 10.75″)
  • Weight – Curtain Call weighs approximately 160 pounds.
  • Drawing – You can view a drawing of Curtain Call here.

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