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Photo by Lisa Joy

Introducing our Pro Line

We’re proud to introduce a new line of products, designed to meet the automation challenges of the most demanding productions. Our customers have asked for more features to tackle complex effects, and we’ve packed that functionality into new gear that takes your scenic automation to the next level!
The new lineup includes our Stagehand Pro AC, the completely redesigned Showstopper 3 system, and our Spotline hoist, for safe and easy vertical lifting. Let’s take a look at the highlights:


Automation for motorized scenery

Stagehand Pro AC

This Stagehand is all new, and we’ve focused every improvement toward the power user. We started at the circuit board level, with a redesigned motion controller, new firmware, better reporting and expanded inputs and outputs. The Pro is our first Stagehand with redundant brake control for vertical lifting. Industrial clamping connectors, streamlined cabling, and optional rack-mounting brings the Creative Conners brand of modular automation to touring productions, corporate events, and large performances.

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Vertical lifting made safe and easy

Spotline Hoist

Professional level improvements don’t end with control. Working in concert with the Stagehand Pro, our Spotline hoist combines a production-ready and versatile machine designed for vertical lifting with the integrated and intuitive safety features you’ve come to expect from Creative Conners. Dual brakes, engineered load-rating, and a show-ready speed of 36″/sec make Spotline the industry leader for safe and easy lifting.

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Showstopper 3

We’ve completely redesigned our Showstopper system, and you’re going to love the improvements! Redundant self monitoring emergency stop circuits create an industry-leading combination of robust reliability and ease-of-use. We’ve separated the emergency stop components from cue control for increased modularity and expanded capabilities.

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