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The Rhody Automation Roadcase

Fully Loaded: $50,000

Availability: 4-6 weeks | Rentals: Coming Soon
The Rhody is a road-ready, all-in-one, four-axis automation control center. We have integrated our Stagehand Pro and Showstopper 3 into a rugged package that makes load-in and load-out easier than ever. The Rhody houses everything you need to make it move: a vertical rack filled with what you need to get connected, a horizontal rack that holds four Stagehand Pro’s, and a slide out desk complete with a 21.5” Touchscreen monitor and Showstopper 3 Consolette. The Rhody is the perfect package to get your show on the road.

Automation for motorized scenery

The Stagehand Rack

The Rhody is an all-in-one automation control center, and the brains of the operation are four Stagehand Pro’s. The Stagehand Pro was designed to hit the road with rack mounts and streamlined cabling. Load-in and load-out will be quick and easy.

Streamlined Cabling

Two cables connect power and data connections to your machines. Industrial rectangular connectors make fast, reliable connections a snap.

Rack Mounted

Taking four axes on the road has never been so compact, the Stagehand Pro was built for the road.

Redundant Brake Capability

Vertical lifting is no problem with the Stagehand Pro’s dual-brake circuitry.

More Info, More Control

The Stagehand Pro has more I/O to give operators in-depth status information about the automation rig.

Rhody Automation Roadcase

The Tower

The Tower is the backbone of the Rhody, distributing power and data to the whole operation. Cam-Lok power distribution makes it easy to roll in, power up, and get moving.

Showstopper 3 Base

Generates the emergency-stop signal for up to 8 Stagehands, easily expandable with Showstopper Hubs, and powers the Consolette and Remotes.

Rack Mounted PC

Built for fluid and fast Spikemark performance, this PC can run huge shows effortlessly.

Chroma-Q EtherSwitch 7

A heavy-duty, high-speed unmanaged Ethernet switch equipped with Neutrik etherCON sockets for reliable network connectivity.

Drawer For Storage

Convenient storage for the bare necessities like manuals, a spare network cable, maybe a pack of gum? The choice is yours, we’ll just give you the drawer.


With an Uninterruptible Power Supply, you won’t lose any cues even if the power goes out.

Power Distribution

The Rhody can power your whole rig with 400A Cam-Lok inputs/pass-thru, four 3P-30A L15-30 outputs, and six 110V Edison convenience recptacles.

The Rhody Automation Roadcase

The Control Desk

The control desk is where the operator lives and breathes. With a mounted Touchscreen monitor and the new Showstopper 3 Consolette, the Rhody is the perfect control station backstage.

Showstopper 3 Consolette

The Showstopper 3 Consolette put automation control at your fingertips. Cue control buttons, jog joystick, and positioning wheel make writing and running shows intuitive.


Spikemark is our industry leading automation software renowned for easy, elegant cue writing for even the biggest shows.

Sit or Stand

With the convenient slide out desk, you can sit or stand to run the show. Automate your way.

Rhody Automation Roadcase

Rugged Construction

The Rhody has industry standard ATA style construction, 3.5″ locking swivel casters, and three easy-to-remove covers.

ATA Style Construction

3/8” vinyl laminated plywood exterior with aluminum ball corners and corner plates.

3.5” Locking Swivel Casters

3.5” Locking swivel casters to get your Rhody on stage and keep it there.

Easy Three Part Breakdown

The Rhody has three easy-to-remove panels with two sides and a top, to get you loaded in and out. Fast.

Case Breakdown

Rhody Automation Roadcase