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Our Stagehand motor controllers offer industry-leading control for either built-in or external motor drives. With a modular approach to power amplification, our Stagehand lineup will get your motors running.


Image of Stagehand Pro motor controller for scenic automation

Stagehand Pro AC

Next level control for next level productions.

Learn more about Stagehand Pro AC




Stagehand Apprentice

All the power in a tiny package.

Learn more about the Stagehand Apprentice




Scenic automation controller

Stagehand Mini2

Next level control for your existing drives.

Learn more about Stagehand Mini2


Theater automation software

Stagehand Classic

Classic motor control for classic scenic automation.

Learn more about Stagehand Classic

Stagehand FX

Input/Output functionality triggered from Spikemark.

Learn more about Stagehand FX



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