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Stagehand Apprentice

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Stagehand Apprentice

The new all-in-one controller with a choice of power inputs and a tiny size.


Operate any lateral moving automation with either 120V single phase or 208V three phase power. Built in motion-controllers, VFD, plus Creative Conners’ Persistent Position TM feature keeps position data stored in case of power interruption.

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Super Compact Design

All the versatility of a Creative Conners Stagehand plus the power of a 5 HP VFD in a case about the size of a shoe box.

Simple Cabling

Two cables connect the Apprentice to your machines. Two more cables connect the Apprentice to your Showstopper and Spikemark. Setup couldn’t be easier.

Persistent PositionTM

The Apprentice remembers your position even if power goes out. Unplug it for the night, week, or year. It knows exactly where you left it.

208V Option

120V Option

Input Power Options

There are models that operate from 120V Single Phase to 208V Three Phase power depending on your needs.

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