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Stagehand Classic

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Controller for scenic automation

These all-in-one motor controllers are the main interface between your computer and your machinery.

Key features:

  • Simple Operation – Stagehands are network-enabled to connect to Spikemark and start controlling motorized effects.
  • Compact Design – The sleek design takes up a minimal amount of precious backstage space.
  • Cost Savings – Our Stagehand boxes can be repurposed again and again, controlling any machine for all of your future productions.
  • Modular – Connect to your machinery or use ours. As long as you have the Spikemark software, you can utilize your existing motors and hardware.


  • Stagehand AC: 1hp – 2hp variable-frequency drive and motion controller • $4,000
  • Stagehand AC: 2hp – 5hp variable-frequency drive and motion controller • $4,000


  • Stagehand AC: 1hp – 2hp • Call for Details
  • Stagehand AC: 2hp – 5hp • Call for Details


  • Stagehand Motor Controllers • $100/wk*

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