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Purdue University Lecture

Gareth has been invited by Rich Dionne, Technical Director at Purdue University, to be a guest lecturer for a full-day seminar at the school on October 15.

This presentation will have a slightly different structure than Gareth’s regular lecture format. Because of Purdue’s historically strong electrical engineering department, Gareth and Rich have decided to break the lecture up into two parts: The first half will be an overview of scenic automation and the second half of the program will delve into the design of the OEM circuit board and the programming of the micro-controller. Rich will be inviting students from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering to attend the lecture. He explained to us that there is a long history at Purdue of collaboration between the engineering school and the technical theater department.

Interestingly, during the lecture the Purdue Boilermakers’ football team will be in Happy Valley playing against Penn State, who also rock the Creative Conners gear in their theater. Go Big 10!

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