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We love automation. We love talking about automation. Most importantly, we love sharing our expertise in automation. Our one-day or two-day seminars are a great way to learn about scenic automation. With the guidance of a Creative Conners expert, you will gain deep insight into both general automation techniques and the inner workings of our Stagehand and Spikemark products. We will help get you from initial concept to elegant automation whether you are a novice tackling moving scenery for the first time or an advanced technician looking to expand your skillset.

Topics covered:

Day 1 – Automation Basics

  • Construction techniques for building scenery that moves
  • Constraining motion with bearings, guides, and rollers
  • Electricity, horsepower, and motor sizing
  • Measuring motion with encoders and other sensors
  • Automating motion with motion controllers and PID theory
  • Creating cues with automation software

Day 2—Spikemark and advanced techniques

  • PID theory and tuning procedure for smooth, accurate motion
  • Reducing position error and protecting against encoder failure
  • Building intricate motion with cue links
  • I/O cues with the Stagehand FX
  • Using Simulator as a pre-visualization tool
  • Networking with projection and other show systems


Seminars cost $1000 per day plus travel expenses to your venue. The number of participants is typically limited to twelve.

Please contact us ( for a quotation and availability.