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Spikemark Screenshots

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Here are some more screenshots of Spikemark 3. But why look at someone else’s screenshots? Download Spikemark for free, and build and run your own shows, or download one of our show files and watch the magic happen in the Simulator.

Click on any of the images for the big version.


Spikemark 3 screen capture

Here’s a full screen shot of a typical show in Spikemark. Stage Model Viewer at the top, Cue Grid below that, and Motor Settings Pane on the right. You can see the Cue Controller in the bottom right.


Machine Library

Spikemark 3 Machine Library screen capture

When you need to add a new machine to your show, just click on ‘Machine Library’ in the menu, and you get this great drop-down with all of your motors ready to be drag-and-dropped onto the Stage Model Viewer. Spikemark 3 comes with Pushstick, Revolver and Curtain Call pre-loaded, and you can add your own machines to your library.



Spikemark 3 Spikes Feature screen capture

When you add a machine to a cue, you can pull up the Spikes dialog box and select one of your defined playing positions. You can also edit your Spikes from here, or in the Motor Settings Pane.



Spikemark 3 Schematic screen capture

Each machine in the Stage Model Viewer can be moved and resized using the ‘Schematic’ section of the Motor Settings Pane on the right. Select the motor you want to edit and you can change its position relative to plaster line or center line, rotate the piece, and change the dimensions of the piece.