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Spikemark screenshot

Spikemark software is the intelligent force behind our system — and key to our success.  We designed Spikemark to be affordable yet remarkably intuitive, focusing on easy-to-use functionality for elegant automation.  Check out some of the key features and screen shots below or download now.

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  • Point & Click – Tired of complex interfaces and cryptic programming?  Spikemark’s intuitive interface lets you add and edit cues with a simple push of a button.  Edit sequences graphically with our 3D view or punch in the numbers directly for ultimate precision.
  • Lightning fast cue creation – Since Spikemark lets you program cues as you discover them, your technical rehearsals last minutes, not hours.  We’ve eliminated any complex calculations or tedious coding.  Spikemark does it all for you, freeing up you and the rest of the crew to move on to the next challenge.
  • Simple spike adjustment – Need to shift the street-corner scene 3 inches to the left throughout the performance?  Just enter the new position and Spikemark will adjust the setting for each related cue throughout the performance.
  • Time-based cues – Spikemark lets you easily synchronize scenic automation without any complex calculations.  Simply enter the amount of time and distance or degrees to be traveled.  The program will signal the motors with the precise acceleration required to execute the cue.
  • Informative, real-time visual display – With Spikemark, scenic movement isn’t just simpler – it’s also safer.  We replaced the complex numerical descriptions that most systems use with a 3D, real-time visual representation of the stage.  Before executing an automation cue, Spikemark highlights every set piece that is about to move, and displays a ghost image of where it will wind up.  You can see if anything (or one) is in harm’s way.  So if Macbeth is goofing off next to the scene for the witches during rehearsal, you can give him a little nudge before you start the automation cue.

For current Spikemark users, we’ve also created an online log viewer application to help you identify and troubleshoot any automation missteps.

Log Viewer Application