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Why Automate?

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A. It makes a dramatic difference.

Less hands on deck.  Why hire stagehands for every performance, when you can save a substantial amount of cash?  In fact, a complete stage automation setup can pay for itself within four productions.

There’s safety in (digital) numbers.  With emergency stop buttons — and real-time, on-screen 3D representations — you have the data you need to safely execute motion cues.

Cue quickly.  Using automation software lets you create and adjust cues in a matter of seconds, not hours.  That means shorter technical rehearsals and more time available to spend on enhancing the rest of your performance.

It’s an overachiever.  Automation enables you to do cutting-edge stage effects.  Create precise, complex and synchronized cues that make for a higher quality show.

It’s a reliable performer.  Your cues become instantly repeatable and are executed with the same precision every time.  You don’t find that every day.

The world could pass you by.  Stage automation is no longer the future of scenic movement: it’s now. By training your staff to use automation technology and machinery, you’ll also equip them for a successful career.

It moves tickets.  Performances that use automation tend to pique more interest and generate greater publicity.  This leads to more ticket sales. And a happier you.