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Next level control for your existing drives & motors.

Bring any machine into Spikemark and take advantage of programmable, cue-able, feature-rich automation.

The Stagehand Mini2 lets you connect any two drives to Spikemark. Hydraulics? Brushless servo? Big AC motors? No problem. Through a simple, standard, control interface the Stagehand Mini2 brings the elegant simplicity of Spikemark cueing to any machine in your backstage arsenal.

It’s perfect for the automation pro who already owns a motor, VFD, and other electronics but doesn’t want to build a fancy HMI.

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Two Motion Controllers

The Stagehand Mini2 packs two motion controllers in a single case. You can cue two machines from a single Stagehand in a svelte 3U package.

Whether you need to move two axes or you want the security of a backup, Mini2 has you covered.

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B.Y.O. Device

Hydraulics, Brushless servos, AC, DC – the Stagehand Mini2 can control them all. Breath new life in that pile of motors sitting in storage.

But Wait…If you’ve got a A/C induction motor a Stagehand Apprentice or Stagehand Pro may be a better choice for your project.

Persistent Position

Stagehand Mini2 remembers your position even if power goes out. Unplug it for the night, week, or year. It knows exactly where you left it.

Spikemark can also remotely view diagnostic details so you always have a full picture of what’s happening with your automated moves.

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Status Reports & Jog Controls

An OLED display shows connection status, encoder counts, brake reporting, and limit conditions. While drive faults, brake faults, and ultimate limits are displayed in Spikemark for a better understanding of your show. Run your motor from the Stagehand during load-in or jog scenery during rehearsal without connecting to Spikemark.

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Ready to add a Stagehand Mini 2 to your Show?

Connect with an automation expert now.


  • Input Voltage: 120VAC 50/60Hz 1P

  • Max Input Current: 5 amps

  • Control Voltage: Variable voltage 0 to +/-10VDC

  • Control Output Current: 30mA max each

  • Enable Circuit Output: 1 N.O. dry contact, 30VAC/42VDC max, 120mA max

  • Emergency Stop Input: 24VDC, 65mA

  • Foward & Reverse Limit Switch Power: 12VDC/ 10mA

  • Position Encoder Input/ Supply Voltage/ Rating: 5VDC (12VDC tolerant) with differential line drive/ 5VDC/ 2.4A

  • Size: 19″ wide x 5.25″ high (3U) x 10.6″ deep

$ 8000
Stagehand Mini^2

Make use out of the motors and drives you already own. Control them with the Mini2 and Spikemark

Want to Rent a Stagehand Mini 2?

Rent a controller when you need it for a short time or a single show. (Rentals start at just $100 per week.)

Sample Layouts

Stagehand Mini2 with Hydraulics
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Stagehand Mini2 with a Variable Frequency Drive
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