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New Machines!

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New Machines!

Creative Conners Spotline hoist image

Introducing Spotline Hoist

We’re excited to announce that the Spotline hoist will be joining our growing stable of machines. Spotline is specifically designed for vertical lifting, and with a redundant brake and integrated electrical brake testing, this unit can safely handle big loads without counterweight-assist. With full Spikemark integration, and fast and quiet operation, Spotline is the perfect choice for your hoisting needs. It ships with a 5hp gearmotor, capable of lifting 500lbs at 36in/sec, letting you automate your flying pieces without the hassle of rigging a counterweight-assist system. Spotline can be mounted to the grid for direct lifting, or can be used in the traproom for automating elevators. Click here for more details.

Spotline by Creative Conners. Vertical lifting made safe and easy.

Introducing Trickline Linear Actuator

Trickline is a linear actuator made for Stagehand and Spikemark. If you’ve ever struggled with the accuracy, performance, and noise of pneumatic cylinders, Trickline is the machine for you. This guy is accurate, quiet and ready to tackle trapdoors, pop-up props, or sliding steps. Before you wrestle with another air hose or hissing valve, grab some Trickline instead. Trickline boasts 150lbs of line pull at 18in/sec and the integral linear bearing is rated for 150lbs of dynamic load. We can customize the length up to 20 feet, and custom motor options are available if you’re looking for more speed or more line pull. Trickline starts at $7995, but during our Spring Fever Sale, prices start at $5995. Click here for more details.

Trickline by Creative Conners. Linear motion without the hassle.


Spring Fever Sale

We just kicked off our Spring Fever Sale, so if you’ve been waiting for big savings, the wait is over! We’ve got some great deals:

Stagehand AC – $3495 (save $1500)

Pushstick deck winch, and Revolver friction drive: $11,995 (save $3000)

Spotline Hoist: $14,995 (save $3000)

Deck hardware and Spot Blocks: 10% off.

There’s more on sale. Click here for details.



Spring Fever Sale!

Creative Conners spring sale image

If you’ve been waiting for a good reason to finally get that Creative Conners gear you’ve been wanting, then we’ve got some good news for you! Today we’re kicking off our Spring Fever Sale, with fantastic prices on Stagehands, machines and hardware.


Our awesome Stagehand motor controllers are being reduced by $1500. The list price is $4995, so you can pick one up for $3495 during the sale. That’s a savings of 30%! These motor controllers are the real deal, sporting everyone’s favorite Mitsubishi A700 VFD and all the Stagehand technology goodness that makes these units the industry standard for plug-and-play motor control. If you’ve been eyeing a Stagehand FX, they’ll be $695 and our Stagehand Mini will be $1995 during the sale.


Image of Creative Conners Revolver friction drive machine

Prices on our stock machines have been reduced during the sale. Our Pushstick and Revolver have been reduced $3000 to $11,995,  and the Curtain Call is $2000 off, now $7995.


image of Creative Conners turnaround deck sheave

But wait, there’s more – We’re including our stock hardware in this sale! Our deck sheaves, deck dogs and Spot Blocks are all 10% off.

There’s never been a better time to get started with Creative Conners automation or to expand your inventory. The sale ends on May 17th. Give us a call at (401) 289-2942 or email me at if you need more info.


The Finished Spotline Hoist

Creative Conners Spotline hoist front image

Exciting news: We finished up our first Spotline hoist today, and it’s shipping out today to Webster University to be part of their automation inventory.

The Spotline has a redundant Mayr brake on the load side to complement the brake built into the SEW Eurodrive gear motor. The attached electrical panel is for field-testing the brakes. The drum is aluminum, 8″ diameter and made in our shop on our CNC mill. The Spotline will lift 500 pounds at 36 in/sec.

Now that we’ve finished the first one, we are going to spend some time optimizing the engineering for production work, and you should see the official product rollout in early summer. If you’re interested in pre-ordering a Spotline (maybe before your fiscal year ends?) drop me a line at


Creative Conners Spotline hoist

Creative Conners Spotline hoist



Spotline Hoist Testing


Last week we started testing our new Spotline hoist. Royal assembled the drum pieces, put the machine together with the Mayr redundant brake, and bolted the machine to the floor. After doing a little rigging and adding 500 pounds of weight, he hit the switch and let it rip. Here’s a video:


And here’s a video close-up of the machine:

Keep an eye out around the end of April for the official new-product announcement!

UConn Visits The Shop

The students from UConn's automation in theatre class visit the Creative Conners shop

This semester Gareth has been filling in for Jack Nardi, teaching the automation class at UConn while Jack’s on sabbatical. For this week’s class, Jack and the students visited our shop here in Warren, RI. Gareth gave them a tour of the facility, showed them some of the major tools used in fabricating our gear, and demonstrated some of the processes that we go through to turn bits and pieces into machinery and electronics.  When the tour was over, the class split up into teams and they set up and cued a Revolver, a Pushstick and a Curtain Call. Gareth said that the students enjoyed it very much, and there’s no substitute for hands-on teaching.

Gareth demonstrating the mill:

The students from UConn's automation in theatre class visit the Creative Conners shop


Royal demonstrating the Tormach CNC mill:

The students from UConn's automation in theatre class visit the Creative Conners shop


Royal and Gareth discussing the workflow of machine design:

The students from UConn's automation in theatre class visit the Creative Conners shop


Colleen and Erika working on a Pushstick deck winch, while Jack and Jason rig a Curtain Call traveler:

UConn class machines

It was a pleasure having the students and Jack visit our shop.


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