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We understand the complexity and issues of moving scenery — from budget constraints to the frustrations of poor design. Our focus is to design and build affordable, easy-to-use entertainment automation gear.With every new product we design, our automation specialists strive to ease the process for designers & stage technicians.
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Over more than 20 years working in the field, Gareth encountered most of the automation problems regularly faced by theatres.  Too often he noticed custom solutions were built for each show’s automation needs.  Moreover, most automation programs were slow and tedious.  Gareth obsessed about these problems.  The more he obsessed, the more passionate he became about creating great scenic automation products.  Gareth decided he needed to combine his technical theatre expertise with his software programming skills to address these problems head-on.
In 2004, Gareth started Creative Conners with the enthusiastic support of his wife, Emily.  His first basement workshop was complete with kids playing overhead, a kitten sleeping in his lap, and a cellphone that only had reception near the washing machine.  But his products were solid, his customers satisfied, and the company’s fantastic automation solutions continue to evolve to this day. Creative Conners has come a long way from the one-man automation fanatic amidst family mayhem.  They’re now a small team of automation junkies with a shop in Warren, Rhode Island — a good distance from any laundry machines.
Fun Facts
  1. Founded in 2004

  2. Literally started in a basement

  3. Used by more than 50% of LORT theaters

  4. An anagram for Creative Conners, Inc is 'Nice Scenic Art'


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We make highly sophisticated products.

  • products made for enthusiastic, budget-conscious customers

  • products whose inner complexity results in elegant simplicity

  • products for which the easiest way to use them is also the safest way

  • products we ourselves want to use

We offer unbridled support to the people using our products.

  • support not only for our products but for any automated project of our customers

  • support for our customers financial constraints by making the products affordable

  • support by sharing knowledge

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 We are transparent in technology and business dealings.

  • transparent pricing of products

  • always transparent business operations

  • transparent and accessible flow of technical information

  • our knowledge is our most valuable asset, we share it without reservation


  • We EDUCATE our Customers

  • We SHOW our Pricing

  • We RESPECT your Show

We think the backbone of Creative Conners is actually our obsession with creating simple, elegant automation systems. This unwavering dedication to our customers’ needs is what moves us. And what keeps our customers coming back.

Image Caption

Gareth Conner

Founder & President


Hi, I'm Gareth. I literally wrote the book on entertainment automation. I founded Creative Conners to bring automation to the masses.
Gareth Conner
Founder & President
Emily spends her time managing the little creative Conners, tidying up insurance paperwork, bookkeeping & brainstorming about the next big moves for Creative Conners.
Emily Conner
Co-Owner & Vice-President
Peter swears the game of Monopoly teaches all the lessons anyone may ever need in life – the art of negotiation and making deals that work out for everyone’s benefits.
Peter Veal
Director of Business Development
With over 20 years of experience, Mike has gone from beta tester to solver of all things technical. Try to stump the automation man!
Mike Wade
Director of Technical Services
Brian keeps the gears turning at Creative Conners. He is our logistics making, parts ordering, shop organizing genius.
Brian Belfer
Operations Manager
Sylvia isn't short, she’s just concentrated for maximum effect. She's our wiring, building, troubleshooting dynamo.
Sylvia Bagaglio
Production Busy Bee
A habitual multi-tasker, Steve’s bounced between theatre, academia, and manufacturing. With a background in mathematics and theatre, Steve is a perfect fit to design the coolest automation on the planet.
Steve Hnath
Product Engineer
Fast, inventive, & multi-talented, Rada is our utility player. We can throw him into fabrications, electronics, repairs or send him on the road for on-site work. We know whatever he touches will turn out all right.
Brandon Rada
Builder of Awesomeness
Welder extraordinaire - Bryan is a builder of machines, master of mech, assembler of gear.
Bryan Fassbender
Fabrication Guru
One of the most talented machinists in New England, Mark’s unmatched precision ensures that every component that goes into our machines is tooled exactly and accurately. Steady hands, sharp eyes, quick wit… that’s Mark.
Mark Drolet
Production Machinist
You need code, Christian has the code.
Christian Basse
Software Developer
Nicole focuses on the essentials of a project and gets the show off the ground (often quite literally).
Nicole Kent
Sales Engineer
Combine one part farmer, one part Army National Guardsmen, two parts technical director. Mix them together and you get Ed.
Ed Weingart
Director of Special Projects
Our resident Yalie is, as expected, quite brilliant. Design. Fabrication. Awesome name. He's a triple threat.
Harry Beauregard
Mech Engineer
WIth a background in engineering, motorsports, aerospace, and theater - Jess is one of our clever and dexterous Machine Makers.
Jess Molina
Automation Technician
Our mustachioed uber-engineer. Don't let the skinny jeans fool you, Kody is a heck of an automation designer.
Kody Green
Product Engineer
Consumer of excess food and receiver of tummy rubs. Cause of random office sneezes.
Automation Hound

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