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How It Works?

See how all the components fit together to move your show.


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We love talking about automation. And we love sharing our expertise.

Our one or two-day seminars are a great way to learn about scenic automation. Our automation professionals can come to you for a in-person seminar. You will

  1. Gain deep insight into both general automation techniques and system design

  2. Understand the inner workings of our Stagehand and Spikemark products

  3. Learn how to go from conceptualizing moving scenery during the design phase to elegant automation on stage.

Whether you are a novice tackling moving scenery for the first time or an advanced technician looking to expand your skill set our seminars will build your automation competency and confidence.

Seminars are $1000 per day + travel expenses. Class size is typically limited to 12 participants.

Typical Topics covered:
Day 1 – Automation Basics 
  •     Construction techniques for building scenery that moves   
  •     Constraining motion with bearings, guides, and rollers   
  •     Electricity, horsepower, and motor sizing   
  •     Measuring motion with encoders and other sensors   
  •     Automating motion with motion controllers and PID theory   
  •     Creating cues with automation software
Day 2—Spikemark and advanced techniques 
  •     PID theory and tuning procedure for smooth, accurate motion   
  •     Reducing position error and protecting against encoder failure   
  •     Building intricate motion with cue links   
  •     I/O cues with the Stagehand FX   
  •     Using Simulator as a pre-visualization tool   
  •     Networking with projection and other show systems
We offer a formal service contract that are tailored to your needs.

Service Contracts can include any of the following:

  •    Prioritized phone technical support

  •     Video call technical support

  •     Annual on-site training

  •     Annual on-site automation inspection & report

  •     Expedited control component exchange

  •     Remote computer connection for diagnostic or training service

Different customers have different needs - our service contracts are flexible and priced accordingly.

Unsure about the best ways to outfit your theatre? 

Wondering which kit would best meet your needs? Do you have a vision but don't know how to work out the technical details.

Let's talk.

Contact us today to schedule a free automation consultation call. We’ll help you walk through known and potential challenges to determine what Creative Conners products are perfect for the scope of your productions.

Please submit the form at here or contact us directly at 401.289.2942 or edit.

Let us take something off your plate

We can come along side any production using our automation and provide on-site technical support, supervision, programming, or even show operation. Take the pressure off for  high-priority theatrical performances, industrial events, product reveals, concerts, or even smaller shows that have limited crew personnel.

There is a bit of coordination to handle for travel and work scheduling - but isn't that easier than trying to do it all with your in-house staff? Reach out to us ASAP to discuss your needs and how/when we can meet you on-site.

Our day rate for a 10-hour work day is $750. There are also travel charges based on location and duration.


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Position Error

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Where can I find an encoder compatible with the Stagehand controller?

The Stagehand controller requires a quadrature encoder with differential line drive that can be powered at 24vdc.  There are many encoder manufacturers that provide encoders with these specifications. 

What components do I need for a complete system?

A complete system consists of your PC running Spikemark software, one Showstopper and a Stagehand connected to each motor.

Can I use my own motors with Stagehand?

Absolutely.  Our Stagehand product line is compatible with permanent magnet DC motors, VFD-duty AC motors, or any other device that can be controlled with a +/-10vdc speed signal.  Stagehand also requires that the motor be fitted with a quadrature encoder that has differential line drivers.  Please contact us to make sure your motor is compatible.

What about all the cables? Where do I get them? Can I build them?

These days you can get network cables and hubs just about anywhere.  Popular options are Staples, Best Buy, Amazon, etc. Or you can buy them from us. In fact, we sell all the power cables, Ethernet cables, and Showstopper cables that you need to hook up a system. 

But you can certainly build your own cable if you are so inclined. We specifically design our components to connect together using standard connectors.  Most of these connectors and cables can be purchased from industrial suppliers like Grainger and McMaster-Carr.  The encoder connectors are easily obtained from Digikey or Mouser.

By the way, the Showstopper cables that connect the Stagehand to the Showstopper 3 Base isn't strictly a DMX cable, but they do use the same 5-pin XLR connector as DMX. This means you can easily purchase cables from lighting manufacturers or use existing cables.  However, the circuit is not DMX.