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The muscle that does the motion. Winches, Hoists, Lifts, & more.


Stagehands are the brains. They translate your design to movement.


Emergency Stop to keep you safe. Sensors, interlock, and remotes.


Sheaves, cables, parts, and pieces. The little things that make it move.

Move on Cue with Spikemark

Powerful and easy to learn automation cueing software.


  • Floorpocket

Stage elevator - 1000 lbs. at 14"/sec

  • Pushstick Deck Winch

Move wagons with a zero-fleet winch

  • Pushstick mini Winch

Small versatile winch with built-in Stagehand

  • Revolver

Spin any turntable

  • Smart Chain Hoist

Variable speed programmable chain hoists

  • Spotline Hoist

Fly 500 lbs. of scenery up to 36" per second

  • Spotline mini

Compact hoist with multiple lift lines

  • Spotline Practical

Lift small scenic or practical lighting

  • Turntable

Easy to install and silent spinning platform

  • Trickline

Low-profile linear actuator slides scenery


  • Deck Chief

Simple manual motor controller

  • Stagehand Apprentice

All the power in a tiny package

  • Stagehand Arch

Controller for permanent installation

  • Stagehand FX

I/O triggers by Spikemark

  • Stagehand Hydraulic

Control your stage hydraulics

  • Stagehand Pro

For all your vertical movement


  • Pendant

Handheld control with Spikemark

  • Safety Interlock

Integrate safety sensors in your machine

  • Showstopper 3 Base

Where it all starts & STOPS

  • Showstopper Consolette

Cue-control accessory

  • Showstopper 3 Hub

E-stop an additional 8 axis with a Hub

  • Showstopper 3 Remote
Keep an e-stop button wherever you have line of sight
  • Stage Manager

Automation control station


  • Cables
All your automation cables simplified
  • Deck Dog

Low friction + low profile

  • Double Up & Double Down
Hardware for rigging winch tracks
  • ACP & APP

Wire your venue for automation

  • Floorpocket Mast

Add height to your Floorpocket

  • Deck Knife

Connect you wagon to our dog

  • Power Distros
Electrical Distribution
  • Spotblocks

Overhead spot lifting sheaves

  • Spotline Tensioner

Convert your Spotline to a deck winch