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Revolver Drive Wheel

This is the wheel we use on our Revolver friction drive machine. If yours is starting to look a little ragged, grab a new one before your next show.

  • Bore: 1.25″ keyed.

  • 8″ diameter.

  • 3″ wide rubber tread.

Spotline Tensioner

Convert a Spotline into a standard deck winch. Get more use out of your Spotline in every show.

The tensioner lags into your deck, and the hoist simply mounts to the tensioner using Mega-Couplers. The tensioner allows you to take up the slack in your deck track setup and also gets the cables down to the right height so they can shoot right into our deck hardware.
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Encoders let you gather position and speed data from your moving scenery. If you need to add an encoder to your project or machine we’ve got you covered. C-face encoder attach directly to your motor. Our flange mount encoders let you position them where you need them.

Flange Mount Encoder– If you’re looking for position feedback, you’ve come to the right place. A 3/8″ output shaft makes it easy to attach a sprocket, timing belt, or rubber wheel to this encoder.

  • 2500 counts/rev.

  • Iincludes a 10 ft whip to connect to your Stagehand.

  • Output shaft is .375″ x .875″ long.

C-Face Encoder– With C-Face encoders mount between the c-faces of your motor assembly, usually between the motor and gearbox. A little more expensive than flange mount encoders, but it is well-protected, easily mounted, and provides very-high position resolution since it is installed before the speed reducer.

  • 1000 counts/rev.

  • This encoder includes a 10 ft whip and a connector to connect right to your Stagehand.

  • This encoder can be ordered in either 56-C or 180 size c-face.

Linear Encoder – Perfect for elevators, hydraulic rams, or linear actuators. Linear encoders are like supercharge tape measures. Get lengths up to 244″ and pre-wired to connect to your Stagehand.
C-Face Encoder
Flange Encoder
Linear Encoder

Limit Switches

The same limit switch used on our Pushstick deck winch. Our rotary limit switch has two limits. Set limits at the machine and without tearing apart your show deck. You don’t have to worrying about accidentally triggers from performers or wayward technicians.

Easy to Set– Set your limits with a screwdriver and a little patience. Cams in the limit switch are adjusted with a slight twist and accuracy is locked in.

Versitle– Connect to your machine where it’s most convenient. An output shaft mates to a sprocket and your machine.

  • Two normally-closed, cam-activated switches.

  • Input gear ratio is 50:1.

  • This switch includes 10 ft whips and connectors to connect right to your Stagehand.

  • Output shaft is 8mm dia.

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Floorpocket Mast Extension

Change your Floorpocket to the right height for every show. The modular design of Floorpocket’s tower mast allows mast sections to be bolted on to the base machine.

Extend Floorpocket to 24 ft – Floorpocket starts at a respectable 6ft high. With mast extensions it can climb to a maximum of 24 ft.

1 foot Increments – Mast extensions are available in as little as 1ft increments or as large as 6 ft sections. Easily extend to 12 ft, 18 ft, or 24 ft or anywhere in between.

Easy to add on– Precision milling and finishing of each mast section make installation straightforward. It’s as simple as lifting the extension into position and bolting it in place. The integrated racks align to allow the climbing platform to move smoothly.

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