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Small all-in-one controller packed with features

Operate any lateral moving automation with either 120V 1-phase or 230V 3-phase power. Built in motion-controllers, VFD, plus Creative Conners’ Persistent Position™ feature keeps position data stored in case of power interruption.

Whether you are using a Creative Conners machine or building a DIY device, the Stagehand Apprentice can control it. It is plug and play for our Revolver, Pushstick, Trickline, and Curtain Call.

Or if you build your own machine, take advantage of Apprentice’s built in VFD, e-stop circuit, and motion control to bring your machine  into Spikemark.

Input Power Options

There are models that operate with either 120V, 20A single phase (up to 1HP) or 208V 30A, 3-phase power (2-5 HP) depending on your needs.

120V uses PowerCon True1 to Edison cable to easily plug in to an Edison outlet. 208V uses L21-30 power inlet. L15-30 inlet is available also upon request.
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Split Accel/ Decel

Stagehand Apprentice allows for complex cues with differing ramp up and ramp down times. Ramp times can be preprogrammed, or changed mid-move with Spikemark. Spikemark time or speed based acceleration graphs make writing the perfect cue fast.

Start a move with excitingly fast acceleration and end the same cue with with a gentle deceleration as your scenery glides into place.

Persistent Position

Stagehand Apprentice remembers your position even if power is lost. Unplug it for the night, week, or year. It knows exactly where you left it.

Encoder data is stored every time the machine stops. It knows where it is even when you forget.

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Super Compact Design

All the versatility of a Creative Conners Stagehand plus the power of up to 5 HP VFD in a case about the size of a shoe box. Rack mount it or let it stand on it’s own four feet.

It only takes up 5 RU. You can pack lots of automation in a standard road box.

Fast Set Up & Cabling

Heavy duty, latching connector for motor, brake, limits, and encoders make setup fast. Consolidated cables bundle motor & brake output connectors together and all motor signal data together. Just two cables connect the Apprentice to your machine. Two more cables connect the Apprentice to your Showstopper and Spikemark. Setup couldn’t be easier.
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Stagehand Apprentice Intro Video

Add a Stagehand Apprentice to your Show?

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5HP Stagehand Apprentice
  • Input Voltage: 208VAC, three phase

  • Max Input Current: 30 amps

  • Integrated VFD: FR-D720-165

  • Motor Output Voltage: 230VAC 0.2Hz - 60Hz

  • Motor Brake Voltage: 220VAC 50/60 Hz

  • Motor Brake Output Current: 5 amp Max

  • Weight: 35 lbs

1HP Stagehand Apprentice
  • Input Voltage: 120VAC, single phase

  • Max Input Current: 20 amps

  • Integrated VFD: FR-D710W-042

  • Motor Output Voltage: 230VAC 0.2Hz-60Hz

  • Motor Brake Voltage: 120VAC 50/60 Hz

  • Motor Brake Output Current: 10 amp Max

  • Weight: 30 lbs

$ 6050
5HP Stagehand Apprentice

208VAC 3-Phase

$ 6050
1 HP Stagehand Apprentice

110V 1-Phase

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