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Build Your Own Machine

Are you an old-school fabricator or a tech-savvy young gun? Have you read The Scenic Automation Handbook and anxious to get your hands dirty building your own machine?  The Gearmotor is the heart of your machine’s drive-train.

Gearmotor is a 5 HP AC induction motor with a 24:1 gear ratio, quiet fail-safe brake, encoder, and limit switch inputs.It’s perfect for deck winches, curtain winches, roll drops, and more.

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Wired for Stagehand & Spikemark

With Gearmotor at the center of your machine, control is a snap. Plug-and-play with Stagehand Apprentice using standard Motor and Signal cables. Installation and programming is as simple as setting an IP address and dropping your machine into your Spikemark show file. Combine the motion of your Gearmotor driven effects with any Creative Conners machinery for seamless execution of your most ambitious automated cues.

Integrating your own limit switches is a snap. Gearmotor is equipped with standard M12 connections for plug-and-play compatibility with common limit switches. Don’t need limits for your turntable machine? No problem. Gearmotor ships with jumpers to disable the limit signals.

Simplify Retrofits

Save your old machines! Use Gearmotor to convert  out-of-date & out-of-service stage machinery into modern marvels. 

Whether you have a storage room of semi-functional winches or a custom-built turntable machine that has seen better days, Gearmotor paves the way for state-of-the-art programming and control.

The  gearmotor swap reduces a complex electro-mechanical science project to a simple conversion kit.


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Ready to Ship

Don’t let lead times and shipping delays bog down your production calendar. Gearmotor is ready to ship in days, not weeks. Because it’s based on the same motor we use in our most popular machines, like the Revolver and Pushstick, Gearmotor ships to you quickly. 

From placing your order to taking delivery can be as little as 3 days. That means you can keep your shop humming along, your staff productive, and your audiences smiling without any frustration (or late night work calls).



Size & Weight
  • 29.98”L x 10.9”W x 7.84”H
  • Machine weight: 139 lbs
  • 5HP AC Induction motor
  • 24:1 speed reducer with 73RPM output
  • 4280 in•lb of torque
  • 1.5” hollow bore output
  • Quiet fail-safe brake
  • 230VAC 3P induction motor
  • 230VAC 1P brake
  • Stagehand Apprentice motor inlet for motor & brake
  • Stagehand Signal inlet for encoder & limits
  • M12 4-pin limit receptacles for forward & reverse N.C. limit switches

  • Incremental encoder
  • 1024ppr
$ 7500

Plug-and-play motor ready to be built into your project . Take control with Stagehand Apprentice and Spikemark software. Ships within 3 days.

$ 15950
Gearmotor Add-on Kit

Gearmotor plus Stagehand Apprentice. Add-on kit comes with 50ft of motor/brake and signal cable. Requires Showstopper E-stop.

Need a Stagehand for your motor?

Check out the Stagehand Apprentice controller to get your project moving.


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