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Wherever You Are—We Can Be There

We come alongside your crew to ensure your show gets up quickly, safely, and smoothly.

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Remote Training

Spikemark School

In-Depth Software Training

  • Show File Creation Workflow
  • Advanced Cue Building
  • Custom Stagehand Setup
  • Understanding Motion Analytics
  • Building Presets
  • Integrating media servers and lighting consoles
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Let us what topics would be most helpful and when your team is available. Most remote training sessions last approximately 4 hours.

On-Site Seminars

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Learn Your Gear

Get the most from your investment when you confidently use it more often.

Utilize best practices for setup, safety, and day-to-day operation.

Understand and mitigate the risks when automating scenery—keeping your cast, crew, and audience safe.
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Automation Integration

Make automation part of the whole show when you learn to build scenery that better incorporates movement (do more than scene changes).

Learn critical details to consider when building Deck Tracks and Turntables. We'll help you sidestep some costly and time consuming choices that can cause the wrong type of drama.
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Train With Any Machine

If you already own one or multiple kits we can train your team on all of them.

If you have only a limited (or no) automation equipment but still want to gain proficiency in entertainment automation, we can supply any piece of equipment from our rental catalog.
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In-Depth Troubleshooting

Stop hearing "Hold for Automation" when you are able to quickly anticipate and diagnose trouble.

Learn how to speed up load-in and tech rehearsals. Your staff will know how to setup your gear in less time and with less hassle.

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We can cover specific topics unique to your team or provide a general overview of the Wonderful World of Automation.

On-Site Support & Labor

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Technicians & Programmers

Bring our specialist in for your technical rehearsals, dress rehearsals, or the entire run of the show. We sit in the hot seat and make sure everything is perfect night after night.

Let us take the pressure off your team while your audience gives you the praise.
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Load-In Assistance

We can work alongside your technical director and staff, providing back up and expert guidance when needed as you load-in your automation equipment and build your show.

Or we can develop an entire load-in plan and lead your crew to successfully deploy your gear from storage to the stage.

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Emergency Lifeline

Sometime even the best plans hit a snag—your TD is out sick, gremlins are in your power, or the set piece weighs more than predicted. We are only a phone call and an airplane away to help you get moving.

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Let us know when, where, and for how long you need us. We'll get you moving in no time.

Equipment Inspection

Inspections & Diagnostics

Help "future you" and protect your automation assets with regular check-ups of your gear.
Before your gear needs to be onstage, we can examine the mechanics and probe the electronics. We'll provide a report with our findings and recommendations to keep all your equipment in tip top shape.

Reports can be valuable for insurance claims, scheduling preventative maintenance, and headache-free future shows.
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Know that your equipment is ready to move. If repairs are needed, we'll determine if service can be performed on-site or requires shipping back to our factory.