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Deck Dog & Knife

Low friction – The entire dog body is machined from a solid block of High Density Polyethylene producing a very slick dog that will glide over gaps and bumps in your deck.

Low-profile – At 1-3/8″ tall, the dog will slip under a show deck built out of 1-1/2″ thick framing.

Easy to knife – The dog will accept a 1/4″ x 2″ knife making it easy to fit your own scenery knives.  Using steel or aluminum bar, just stab through your wagon and into the dog.  The dog’s beveled ears make it easy to line up the knife when your backstage, on your knees, in the dark.

Dog: $250
Knife: $50

Mules & Turnarounds

Easy to Install – Each sheave has alignment notches cut into the mounting bracket so you can quickly align the cable path with the pitch of the pulley. Snap a line on the floor, line up the notches, and bolt the sheave in place — no need to pull a test cable through your sheaves to check alignment.

Forgiving – All sheaves come with cable-keepers, insuring that the wire rope will stay in the pulley even if you lose winch tension.

Mule: $300
Turnaround: $500
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Double Ups & Double Downs

Quiet – We use high-end aluminum pulleys from Ralmark to make sure the sheaves are quiet.

Strong – With a 1000lbs capacity pulley and all-steel mounting bracket, these sheaves can handle big scenery.

Double Up: $500
Double Down: $500

Spotline Tensioner

Convert a Spotline into a standard deck winch. Get more use out of your Spotline in every show.

The tensioner lags into your deck, and the hoist simply mounts to the tensioner using Mega-Couplers. The tensioner allows you to take up the slack in your deck track setup and also gets the cables down to the right height so they can shoot right into our deck hardware.
Tensioner: $3000
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Spot Blocks

We use Ralmark aluminum sheaves for durability and silent operation.  The sheave housing is all-aluminum construction for light weight and sports a built-in Mega-Coupler which allows you to use them anywhere your spot-blocking heart desires. 

These blocks come with either 5″ singles or 5″ doubles and the sheaves are made for wire rope up to 1/4″. Each Spot Block has a 500 lb SWL. These are made for theater.  Made for pipe grids. Made for truss. Made for you.
Spot Block - Single: $500
Spot Block - Double: $600

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