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Additional Layer of Safety

You can add an extra layer of safety to critical effects with the Interlock Device and Bumper Switches. Easily integrate bumper switches and pressure mats into your Showstopper system. This is a great way to add an additional layer of safety to any setup with potential pinch points, like an elevator or pivoting wall. The Interlock Device is powered by the Showstopper using a standard Showstopper cable (5-pin DMX).

Pinch Point Protection

The system consists of one or more Bumper Switches and the Safety Interlock. The Bumper Switch is a long rubber tube, available in lengths up to 8 feet, with metal contacts inside. When the tubing is compressed, the contacts are engaged and send a signal to the Interlock Device to stop motion preventing damage or injury.

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Pre-wired Quick Connections

Each Bumper Switch can be daisy-chained to create a protective boundary around openings. Each switch has 6 foot tails on each end and plugs into the Safety Interlock. The Safety Interlock is wired between the machinery and the Stagehand with simple, pluggable connections to interrupt either forward or reverse motion.

Simple Status Reports

Indication lights on the face panel alert the operator to Bumper Switch status. The Interlock Device converts “Normally Open” contacts of the Bumper Switch into a fail-safe, “Normally Closed” signal. When a Bumper Switch is engaged, the Safety Interlock stops motion in the obstructed direction but allows movement away from the obstruction.

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  • Powered by the 24VDC Showstopper circuit

  • Inputs for both Forward and Reverse safety sensors (bumper switches or pressure mats)

  • Pass through connections for Stagehand Limit Switch signals

$ 2500
Interlock Box - Pro

Connect between Stagehand Pro, Showstopper Base, and critical safety sensors.

$ 1800
Interlock Box - Classic

Connect between Stagehand Classic, Showstopper Base, and safety sensors. Not to be used for lifting applications.

$ 1000
8ft Bumper Switch

Serving as auxiliary limit switches, these bumper switch protect pinch zones when interlocked to the Showstopper Base.

$ 1050
Safety Mat

Protect crush areas when interlocked to the Showstopper Base. The mat serves as an additional limit switch.

Need to Rent an Interlock?

Rent the components you need when you need it.


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