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6 Circuit Power Distro

What good is great automation if you cannot turn it on? Connect your company switch to your automation. Our distros bring Cam-Lok in and L15-30 out.

6 Way Rackmount Distro – Perfect for your biggest show. Load it in a road case or use it standalone. 3-phase pass through lets you keep the power moving.

Single Circuit Distro

Stringer – Our most popular electrical distribution product. Perfect for a single axis of automation. When you only need a single machine on stage the Stringer is quick to set up and convenient to use.

Cam-Lok input to breaker protected L15-30 Out. It includes Edison convenience outlets.

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Stagehand Pro Cables

Pro Motor Cable– Consolidated motor and brake power in a single cable. Locking connectors ensure that each pin is properly seated and cannot be accidentally unplugged. Beefy industrial connectors also are tough enough for any tour, backstage, studio, or  scene shop.
Pro Signal Cables– Encoder (up to two) and limit (up to four) signal data in one cable. Locking industrial connectors provide quick positive connections from machine to Stagehand.
300′ Maximum cable length between Stagehand Pro and machine.
Pro Motor Cable
Pro Signal Cable

Apprentice Cables

Apprentice Motor Cable – Motor and brake power in one cable. The apprentice cable is slightly smaller than the Pro cables but that means they are lighter to haul around your stage.

Apprentice Signal Cable – Here a secret for you…are you ready?

The Stagehand Apprentice and the Stagehand Pro both use the same signal cable. The same great connects ensure that all position data is transmitted between your Stagehand and machine.

300′ Maximum cable length between Stagehand Pro and machine.

Apprentice Motor Cable
Apprentice Signal Cable
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Showstopper 3 Cables

Showstopper Cable – Connect your Stagehand to your Showstopper 3 Base. 
Showstopper Accessory Cable – Connect a Showstopper 3 Base to a Showstopper Remote, Pendant, Consolette, or Hub. Daisy chain multiple devices together or run each to the Base, the choice is yours.
Showstopper Terminator – Every Showstopper device’s  accessories ports must be terminated or connected to another device. Your device originally shipped with plenty of terminator, but if yours have walked away you can order spares.
Showstopper Cable
Accessory Cable

Squids & Break Outs

Stagehand Pro Motor Squid– Breakout cable adapter for hooking a Stagehand Pro to motor and brake with Classic connectors.
  • Motor power – L15-30 Female.
  • Brake power – ML39 Female
Stagehand Pro Signal Squid – Breakout cable adapter for hooking a Stagehand Pro to encoders and limits with Classic connectors.
  • Encoder – Amphenol eco-mate Female
  • Limits – (2) ML1 Female

Motor Squid
Signal Squid
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