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Turning Point

The center pivot is the core of every turntable. It must be sturdy, spin without friction, and install quickly.

Pivot is designed and purpose-built for live entertainment turntables . Easily anchor Pivot’s bottom plate to your stage and conveniently fasten your deck platform to Pivot’s top plate.

Paired with a Revolver friction drive machine, Pivot sets your your stage spinning effortlessly and in less time than ever before.

Use Pivot with our free Turntable Template to build your own turntable in days, not weeks, with a proven set of plans and a parts list born out of experience.

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Silent & Stout

The aluminum frame, industrial steel center bearing, and precision milled top plate means Pivot is tough enough for whatever size turntable you want to spin. It rotates smoothly and silently — ready for heavy scenery, large casts, and large diameter turntables.

Pivot is designed to resist the lateral force produced by the Revolver tension springs without breaking a sweat.The bearing is designed for hard use under big loads,  similar to what you find in heavy-duty construction equipment.

Pivot’s sturdy design is squeezed into a 20″ x 20″ x 5.84″ package weighing 65 lbs. Convenient lifting points at the corners, and registration marks in the base, make it easy to position Pivot exactly where you need it for the center of your turntable.

Dead-On Encoding

Automation is all about accuracy. Your turntable needs to hit its marks, every cue, every time. Pivot delivers the most accurate position feedback by measuring motion directly from the center hub with a slip-free, fine-pitch gear. Center-encoding provides the same position scale regardless of the turntable diameter for fast fuss-free setup.

Transplant  the TR3 encoder from your Revolver v2 with minimal effort using the included mounting hardware. When the encoder is installed on Pivot, you can rely on position accuracy of ⅛”, or better,  regardless of the condition of your platform’s outer edge.

The higher degree of accuracy and precision is delivered without any additional cost or hassle – you simply use the components you already use with your Revolver v2 kit.
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Power If You Need It

Do you need to power practical lighting or other effects atop your spinning turntable? Don’t get twisted, Pivot’s optional Slip Ring delivers the power you need to the top of your turntable. 

The standard Slip Ring Add-On includes (3) conductors rated at 20A each, which works great for a practical or switched power for other lighting effects. Other options can include additional circuits for power or data. 

Simply plug into the integrated,  locking True1 Powercon receptacle to turn the lights on.

Pivot Intro Video


Size & Weight
  • 20”L x 20”W x 5.84”H
  • Machine weight: 62 lbs
Speed & Thrust
  • Max Rotational Speed: 100 rpm
  • Encoder Counts Per Revolution (CPR): 5000
  • Encoder Counts Per Degree: 1111.111
Bearing Capacity
  • Max Axial Load: 58372 lbf.
  • Max Radial Load: 24526 lbf.
  • Max Moment Load: 7867 lbf. ft.
Optional Standard Slip Ring
  • Slip Ring voltage: 600V
  • Slip Ring Contact Ampacity: 6 x 10A (16AWG) conductors, 
doubled for 3 x 20A contacts
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Need Help Designing Your Turntable?

Designing and constructing your turntable does not have to be rocket science. We developed an approachable turntable design that any scene shop, theatre , or school can use for free.
$ 5000

Pivot hub only. The perfect centerpiece to your turntable project.

$ 7000
Pivot + Slip Ring Add-on

Deliver power to the top of your turntable with the Pivot + electrical Slip Ring.

Need to rent a Pivot to your show?

Connect with an automation expert for a quote.


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