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Spikemark In Your Hands

Pendant puts the power of Spikemark in your hands. Need to stand onstage while you jog a motor into position? Want a better line of sight as you run hoists to preset? The Pendant is the perfect answer to these common tasks giving you command of the entire automation system in a rugged portable package.

Manual Controls

A variable-speed joystick lets you quickly jog each axis into its rough position.


Dial in a precise position with the click-wheel.


The intuitive touch-screen interface let’s you group motors  and set position spikes quickly with your fingertip.
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Compatible & Easy to Setup

A single cable connects to Showstopper 4 or Stage Manager (also backwards compatible with Showstopper 3).

Pendant connects to Spikemark to move any motor in your rig. Jog on the paddle, bump with the click-wheel, or tap a spike to run to a position. Monitor your rig with load cell data, or set soft limits with precise position readout. Automation has never been this easy or elegant before now.

Pendant is pefect for load-in, rehearsals, and tech week. When paired with Smart Chain Hoists you’ll have more power and versitiliity than any pickle with silly switches.

Layered Safety

An illuminated hold-to-run button indicates you’re ready to run and prevents accidental motion.

The e-stop mushroom button  instantly stops the system in case of emergency.

Line of Sight operation is always available with Pendant range of 100ft from any Showstopper Base or Hub. Now you can keep eyes on the action whenever, wherever.
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Group Motion & Cue Execution

Spikemark’s powerful Group Motion lets you easily move multiple axes synchronously.

Gang a group of Smart Chain Hoists, Pushstick deck winches, or Revolvers together to move even your biggest show easily with confidence.


Machined from solid billet aluminum and finished with Cerakote ceramic coating, Pendant is tough enough for back stage. 

The included padded flight case protects your Pendant in between productions.

VESA mount holes on the back make it easy to stick Pendant on a monitor arm or wall bracket.
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Pendant Intro Video


  • Size: 12.06”W x 5.75”L x 2.5”D

  • Input Voltage: 24VDC, 500mA max

  • E-Stop input 24VDC, dual channel

  • Ethernet control input

  • Adjustable IP address and subnet mask

$ 5250

Remote hand held automation show control.

Want to Rent a Pendant?

Rent a pendant when you need it for just a short time. (Rentals start at just $50 per week)


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