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Get To Know Spikemark 4

Spikemark software is the intelligent force behind our system — and key to YOUR success. We designed Spikemark to be affordable yet remarkably intuitive, focusing on easy-to-use functionality for elegant automation.

When we set out to design the Spikemark automation software, our goal was to eliminate the frustrating limitations of other programs. Today, Spikemark has left the competition in the wings with its inviting, easy-to-use interface and simplified yet detailed programming. With Spikemark, you’ll be orchestrating elegant scenic automation in no time!

Spikemark is a free download. With the Simulator, you don’t need any machinery to write cues and run a show. Grab it today and have fun.

Read the release notes.
  • Pre-Viz & Stage Modeler


    Spikemark includes a Simulator, allowing anyone to experiment with elegant scenic automation on a virtual stage. Your entire show can be cued and run in real-time within the software before you ever go on stage, reducing lengthy tech rehearsals by identifying and fixing cueing problems in advance. Best of all, Simulator lets you get out of the theatre and work on your automation wherever you are, even the comfort of your couch!

  • Set positions and integrate with show control

    Spikes & Integration

    Spikes are a great way to keep track of each motor’s playing position.. Need to shift a scene 3 inches? Just enter the new position and Spikemark will adjust the setting for each related cue throughout the performance. Spikemark can transmit position data to many media servers (D3, Dataton WATCHOUT, Christie Pandora Box, etc.) that can recognize UDP protocol. And Modbus master integration allows communication with external systems over a standard industrial protocol

  • Point & Click + Touch Interface

    Tired of complex interfaces and cryptic programming? Spikemark’s intuitive interface lets you add and edit cues with a simple push of a button. Edit sequences graphically with our 3D view or punch in the numbers directly for ultimate precision. Spikemark includes touch interface features for use with Windows 8 and touch-screen monitors.

  • Build Your Show As You Go

    Fast Cue Creation

    Since Spikemark lets you program cues as you discover them, your cueing lasts minutes, not hours. We’ve eliminated spreadsheet-type layouts and tedious coding. Spikemark does it all for you, freeing up you and the rest of the crew to move on to the next challenge.

  • Linked, Timed, Triggered Cue Execution

    Fancy Cues

    Spikemark lets you easily synchronize scenic automation without any complex calculations. Simply enter the amount of time and distance to be traveled. The program will signal the motors with the precise speed required to execute the cue.

  • Multiple Motors = Single Axis

    Group Motion

    Group any number or type of motors together into a Motor Group. All grouped motors move together but can be programmed with distinct speeds and position targets. Any fault from a single motor in the group with halt motion for the entire group, preventing dangerous over-travel or load conditions.

  • Drive Level Communication

    Motion Analytics

    Get a complete diagnostic picture of each axis. View amperage and frequency values of each move as well the fault history of any axis. If a motor is acting

  • User Authorization

    Spikemark 4 supports user authorization via Windows credentials to limit changes to show files once programming is complete.

  • Integrate With Other Show Systems


    Spikemark integrates with any show controller or other system that can listen to UDP data. Media servers like Dataton Watchout, D3, or Pandora integrate seamlessly with your automation for synchronization of scenery and video. Your video can track with moving scenery with just a few clicks in Spikemark!

Spikemark is the brains behind our automation systems. It is a free download so you can experiment, design, cue, and run all the automation you want in your show.

To upgrade from a previous version of Spikemark, uninstall your current version and then download this file.  Your show files will not be disturbed.
Please note:

  • Spikemark runs on Windows PC’s. Spikemark is tested on Windows 7 and above and has touch-screen features for Windows 8 and above.
    • We recommend at least 6gb of RAM.
  • Spikemark now requires .Net Framework 4.  You may need to be connected to the Internet during installation in order for the installer to update Windows to the latest version of Microsoft’s .Net Framework.
  • Stagehand Firmware rev. 12 or higher is also required. Spikemark can update the firmware in your Stagehands if required.

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Scaling & Soft Limits
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Latest Controller Firmware

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Legacy Stagehand Apprentice

Legacy Stagehand Classic

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  • Set Your Specs

    Bring Your Own Motor

    Plug in the specs for what you have and it will tell you what your machine can pull.

  • Designing your own machine?

    Check Your Math

    If you’re still spec’ing your components, double check your math.

  • Dial In Your Specs

    Make sure your motor, speed reducer, and other components match your needs

Log Viewer

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  • Look Under the Hood

    Easy Troubleshooting

    Sometimes you may encounter a few glitches during your performances or tech rehearsals (turntables don’t spin correctly, networks may fall apart, etc.). While we’re continuously working to avoid these setbacks, Creative Conners also wants to make troubleshooting as easy as possible. Our log viewer application is an online tool that allows you to analyze how your automation performed.

  • Check Motor State Change

    Time Stamped Details

    During a show, Spikemark automatically logs an entry each time a motor changes state, a cue runs or a link executes. Each time-stamped entry lists the name of the motor, cue or link — along with a description of what happened. You can review these notes using our online Log Viewer application to assess what went wrong during the performance.

  • Give Us a Shout

    Need Help?

    Need help sifting through your logs? As always, we’re here to assist you with any problems or questions you have. Feel free to contact us at 401-289-2942 or support@CreativeConners.com.