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Approachable Technical Reference

The definitive book on automated effects for stage and live entertainment, the Scenic Automation Handbook is approachable for student technicans and industry veterans. It’s perfect whether you’ve never spun a turntable or if you need to deep dive into control protocols and best practices.

Gareth Conner deciphers the alphabet soup of VFD, PLC, and PID into understandable and useful information. Written with a frank and friendly tone, you’ll feel like you are working side-by-side with Gareth on your latest project.

More Than Theory

Start with a high-level introduction to the principles and concepts that are the basis of any scenic automation project. Scenic Automation Handbook progressively delves deeper into the nuts and bolts (and roller chain) of component selection, safety risks, and system integration.

It gives the technician a solid foundation of electricity, fundamental physics, and the math needed to tackle their next project along with real-world consideration of computer controlled scenery moving alongside performers in a live entertainment venue.
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Practical & Applicable

Perfect for the classroom or the scene shop, the Scenic Automation Handbook discusses component & vendor selection (providing guidance on pricing and features), risk analysis and risk reduction, and motion control options.

Whether your project is a straightforward single-axis effect requiring a simple PLC or a complex multi-axis effect with many interlocks and redundancies – the Scenic Automation Handbook will help you move it, close the feedback loop, and tune the PID for silky smooth motion.

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