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Not Too Big, Not Too Small - Just Right

Spotline Mini is the most versatile overhead lifting hoist for live entertainment.

Combining a hefty lifting capacity, mandatory safety components, and small form factor makes Spotline Mini perfect for multi-venue institutions.

Controlled with Spikemark software, Spotline mini is perfect balance of functionality and ease of use.

Concentrated for Goodness

Spotline Mini does not need to take up a lot of room in your grid. At only  49”w x 12”h x 18”d you can place several hoists side by side to create magical cascading scene shifts.
Spotline Mini’s compact size also means it can unobtrusively installed in non-traditional performance spaces like houses of worship, cafetoriums, or even your theater’s lobby so you can awe patrons with show posters as they step foot into your venue.
Set up time is reduced to a few minutes and expensive and problem prone cables are almost eliminated.
  1. Give it 220V 1-P power.
  2. Connect it to your Showstopper 3 Base & Spikemark PC.
  3. Start Moving.
Fits Anywhere. No expensive cables. Quick install.
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Steady As She Goes

Spotline Mini’s drum can have as many as four wire rope terminations to provide 4 lifting lines from a single machine.
Most often it is configured with only two lift lines to use it’s maximum 60 feet of travel while still preventing the scenic piece from rotating as it flies.

Controller On Board

Spotline Mini is a “smart machine”. The Stagehand motion controller is integrated in the machine’s frame. An additional dedicated safety controller provides redundant & concurrent monitoring of all feedback devices.
  • Dual encoders – On drum and motor to detect overspeed conditions
  • Ultimate limit safety circuits – Intelligent override buttons only allows motion in safe direction
  • Cross groove detection – Never lets wire rope foul on the drum
All engineered into the machine because overhead lifting requires extra safety measures.
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Right Amount of Oomph!

When you don’t need the massive lifting capacity of our heavy-duty machines (Spotline or Smart Chain Hoists) the Spotline Mini is ideal. With 160 lbs of capacity a single Spotline Mini has the hoisting capacity to lift more than two full sheets of ¾ inch plywood (what could you make out of that much ply?).
That makes Spotline Mini a great choice for chandeliers, signs, banners, and more.

Intro Video

Add a Spotline mini to Your Show

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Size & Weight
  • 49" wide x 18" deep x 12" high
  • Machine Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 190 lbs
Speed & Capacity
  • 160 lbs.working load limit
  • 24" per second
  • 60 ft of travel capacity with 2 lift lines
  • 30 ft of travel capacity with 4 lift lines
Motor - Gearbox - Drum
  • 1.6kW Servo Motor
  • To be used with 1/8" wire rope
  • Input voltage:220V 50/60Hz 1-phase
  • Max input current: 10 amps
  • Neutrik PowerCon
  • Brake Input: Voltage: 24VDC


  • Starter Kit

Spotline mini

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Medium size hoist

Showstopper 3 Base

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Emergency stop circuitry for up to eight axis

Showstopper 3 Consolette

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Remote station to execute cues, jog motors, and e-stop button

Spikemark License

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Software to program and visualize all your scenic moves


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  • Two Spot Block (Single)

$ 19500
Spotline Mini Only

A versatile hoist with a built in Stagehand motion controller.

$ 25000
Spotline Mini Starter Kit

Everything you need to start flying scenery.

Want to Rent a Spotline mini?

Rent a complete Spotline mini kit or just the components you need when you need it. (Most rental kits average $1000 per week)


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