10 Ways To Use Revolver or Rotator

10 Uses for Revolver or Rotator

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The most popular automated effect on stage is rotating scenery. Sometimes the entire stage needs to rotate, while other times small scenic elements a spinning independently. The Revolver and the new Rotator machines in our catalog open a realm of possibilities that are simple to implement but visually exciting. 

The Revolver is a friction drive turntable machine that can spin almost any turntable with a circular edge. It is less than 9 inches tall and can be buried under the surrounding platforms. The Rotator is a motorized slewing machine that acts as a industrial pivot point. Your scenery attaches directly to the mounting plate to be spun around.

But the Revolver and Rotator can do more than simply spin a deck. Here is a run down of many (not all) of the awesome effects you can accomplish with the power of spinning.

1. Turntable (Old Reliable)

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Universal Pictures
You’ll impress audiences every time it is put on stage. There is something about seeing a platform spin that elicits “ohhs” and “ahhs”. The simple but versatile turntable is almost a necessity for Les Mis.

It can be used for The Wizard of Oz, Cats, Shrek the Musical, BLKS and dozens of other shows. Nothing gets the audience more excited than a graceful reveal. It's always an instant attention grabber! Imagine Fantine as she begins "I Dreamed a Dream"... slowly coming into view on your perfectly timed turntable, elegantly moving her to center stage..

2. Spinning Sign

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Does your show have a diner, fast food joint, or any type of neon sign or billboard? Give it some life and make it spin. A flange block + Sign + Revolver = Rotating Signage. The gang in Grease hangs out at the Burger Palace. Nothing says “1950’s burger joint” like a classic spinning sign. It adds a touch of realism and a lot of excitement to the stomping grounds of Rydell High’s cliches and gangs.

3. Periaktoi

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Periaktoi are great in fast paced shows. They create a scenic dense design with minimized scene changes.This one requires a few Revolver kits but it’s a very cool effect. Automate multi sided periaktoi to magically change the setting (all without the use of any overhead rigging).

Make them dance and spin. You’ll need a circular platform as a base to mount the periaktoi. You’ll end up with several mini turntables, the ultimate effect can synchronized and choreographed. Spikemark even can convert the visualizer’s circular graphic  for a periaktoi.

The key to a hilarious production of  A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum is the fast-moving pacing. The show bubbles with gut-busting excitement that is only enhanced if the scene changes are smooth and quick. Spinning walls can help the cast carry their lines through seamlessly transitions... think of the "House of Marcus Lycus”, going into "Being Lovely" and back to "Pretty Little Picture"!

4. Car Show

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Every car show has them but rarely does anyone think about how they spin. Nothing says “New Car” like spinning a vehicle on a turntable. Perfect for Hands on a Hardbody. Our Spikemark software allows super slow / super long cues.You’ll have smooth and accurate movement every time. The Revolver is engineered to run day after day. Each machine is cycle tested before it leaves the facility. You can depend on the effect being as silky smooth on the last as on the first.

5. Artwork & Merchandise Showcase

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Whether you’re exhibiting in a gallery or designing a window display, space is always at a premium and a rotating stage ensures that all angles are viewable and adds a dynamic energy. Sculptures are three-dimension for a reason and should be viewed on all sides. Or if you are a visual merchandiser you can make sure that every square foot of a display is perfectly within sight lines.

6. Music Band Swap Out

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When you finally get to see your favorite bands (in a post-COVID world) the worst things (beyond the heat and the lack of deodorant of your fellow concert goers) is the long wait while one band wraps up their set and the next one sets up. Wouldn’t it be great if the music kept coming.

With a stage-sized turntable (24 feet or larger) powered by a Revolver, when one musician has played their last encore, the whole stage can spin and instantly reveal the next.

Weather your at a festival or inside a music hall, the ability to pre-set multiple talents also gives your technicians the time they need to get all the performer specific instruments and gear "just right" for the artists. Who doesn't want a few extra minutes to finesse a set up prior to "go".Change over can be cut from minutes to seconds.

7. VIP Entrance (Spinning Wall with Doorway)

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Does your CEO want to make a space-age entrance at the next shareholder meeting. With a stationary doorway and a rotating  outer cylinder you speaker can look like the Super Star they are. This is also a special add-on for that high end wedding, or special event party that needs some extra pizzazz - this effect always brings loud cheers! 

8. Donut Turntable for Audience Riser

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Rumor has it that one of America’s founding fathers was in love with donut turntables. If you’ve never seen a donut, let me give you a quick description… imagine your regular old-fashion turntable. It can spin clockwise or counterclockwise. Now surrounding that turntable place an imaginary ring that can spin independently of your main turntable.

You could spin both the center and the ring in the same direction. Or if you want to get fancy they could go in opposite directions. The house in the center spins left, while the cast on the ring spins right.

We see this effect used consistently to steer an audience’s attention to a certain perspective. It’s great for shows with a big chorus and big casts, think A Christmas Carole or CatsThe possibilities are endless.

9. Flipper Wall (Scooby Doo Secret Passage)

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Perfect for a farce like Noises Off… the secret passage behind the fireplace or bookshelf can be triggered with a Revolver doing the motion. It’s also a great addition to a straight play to pump in more adventure.

10. Spinning DJ Stand

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Every DJ at every house party, wedding, corporate event, and rave needs to be more than a music curator. They are masters-of-ceremonies, but more often than not, they are a key part of the entertainment. DJs are performers in their own right. That means they have to put on a show.
With the wheels of steel spinning on their own platform, the show is more intense, engaging, and fun.

Spin Me Right Round

These are just some of the uses we’ve seen accomplished with the Revolver. Some folks foolishly like to declare “the turntable is dead”. On the contrary, it is arguably more popular now than ever. Designers and artists are finding more ways to incorporate them because it makes a big visual impression without reinventing the wheel. Technical directors have found that automating a turntable is easier than ever to execute successfully. They no longer have to come up with a home-brew solution, or find a few extra crew members to lug a full stage table to and fro. 

Your team is working hard to make a memorable moment, let us help you make it move!