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Spotline Hoist

Creative Conners Spotline hoist front image Exciting Stage Automation News

We finished up our first Spotline hoist today, and it’s shipping out today to Webster University to be part of their automation inventory. The Spotline has a redundant Mayr brake on the load side to complement the brake built into the SEW Eurodrive gear motor. The attached electrical panel is for field-testing the brakes. The drum is aluminum, 8″ diameter and made in our shop on our CNC mill. The Spotline will lift 500 pounds at 36 in/sec.

Now that we’ve finished the first one, we are going to spend some time optimizing the engineering for production work, and you should see the official product rollout in early summer. If you’re interested in pre-ordering a Spotline (maybe before your fiscal year ends?) drop me a line at sales@creativeconners.com.   Creative Conners Spotline hoist

Creative Conners Spotline hoist