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Word of mouth has always been our strongest marketing, and today we announce a new program to reward all of our friends who help spread the word of Creative Conners. Our Referral Rewards program is simple- If you tell someone about how awesome the CCI products are and they buy more than $4000 in gear, we will issue a $250 credit to both of you. So make sure you tell your friends how much you like your CCI gear. Now there’s something in it for you. Check out all the details here, and thanks for getting the word out!

We’ve just finished putting together a Google Map of all of our US customers. We’re going to use this map for the “Clients” page of our new website, but we also want our customers to use it to see if there are other theaters in your area that are also rocking Creative Conners gear. We’ve got some theaters in Seattle and Southern California that are sharing their gear with each other and having a lot of success putting up large shows without buying more equipment. So check out the map. If you need an edit for your organization’s info, just email me at ian@creativeconners.com and I’ll take care of it. The map would be even better if each organization’s blurb included a short list of the gear that they are willing to share, so if you want to do that, again, just let me know. You can see the map here: http://goo.gl/crp8x Let us know if you like it, or if you have any ideas about how to make it better.

If you’re having trouble with a show (automation-wise, there’s nothing we can do about bad acting) and you’re not sure what happened during a cue or a sequence of cues, one of the first things you should do is check out the show log, using our fancy Silverlight-powered Log Viewer. This Silverlight viewer is web-based, so you launch it from a browser and then open your show file in it. Here’s the link to the viewer (don’t forget to bookmark it): http://garethconner.pairserver.com/logviewerapp The app is handy. An entry is created each time a motor changes state, a cue is run, or a link executes. The entry includes the name of the motor or cue or link, what happened and a time stamp. Reviewing these messages will help you narrow down what did (and didn’t) happen and hopefully speed up the troubleshooting process.  You can quickly filter messages by typing a motor name, or part of a message in the search window.  For example, to see only SL Wagon log entries just type “SL Wagon” into the search box.  Or if you want to find a network connection problem type “Connection”. BTW, if you’re a geeky type, reviewing your show file is a great way to get to know SpikeMark from the inside. It’s really interesting to see exactly what SpikeMark does to make your show move.