Creative Conners Business

Introducing The Creative Conners Spot Block

We love our deck sheaves, and we hear that lots of other people love them too. They’re quiet, thin and designed specifically for theatrical applications. Playwrights Horizons liked theirs so much they asked us to build some spot blocks with the same features. So we designed and fabricated (and even painted!) four new models of pulleys and we were so happy with the result that we are adding them to the product line. Now that Royal has joined the shop as Product Engineer, we have streamlined the design for mass production and we are working with Clark-Reder Engineering to obtain an official load-rating.  We will start selling the new Spot Block models in October.

Our new Spot Block product line uses a 2” Mega-Coupler for attachment to 1.5” pipe or 2” truss tube. We are making both singles- and double-sheave versions with either 3.5” or 5” diameter sheaves. The cost for the 3.5” size will be $235 for the single sheave and $390 for the double. The 5” diameter blocks will cost $265 for the single and $450 for the double.

The shop, the staff, and the product line are all expanding at CCI. We have more new products in the pipeline and we’ll share a sneak peek as soon as we can.