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Spotline Practical

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Spotline Practical

A hoist that will light up your stage. Spotline Practical has an integrated motion controller, powered lifting cable, and critical safety features.  Flying lights just got easy.

Simple Install

One clamp, a few cables, and you’re finished. Spotline Practical is a smart machine with brains on-board. No separate Stagehand controller is required. Plug it into the wall, give it Ethernet, and a Showstopper cable and start writing cues. Use the built-in lighting circuit to power your chandelier and watch it glow.

Compact and Fast

The 300W brushless servo motor packs a big punch in a small package. Quick, yet strong, this little guy can wind up your cable in the blink of an eye.

Easy Risk Analysis

Lift scenery safely knowing Spotline Practical includes dual brakes, slack line detection, category 0 emergency stop, and Creative Conners’ Persistent Position. Spotline Practical knows where you scenery is and how to stop it if something is out of place.

Power Where You Want It

With 110V and 1200W of power transmitted through the lifting line, you can fly practical lighting fixtures without any messy cable management or hassle. Plug in your favorite light to the pre-installed PowerCON True1 connector.

Key features

Simple – Hang it from a truss, batten, or other rigging point and connect three cables; it couldn’t get any simpler.

Compact – Spotline Practical uses a servo motor for potent power in a tiny package.

Fast – The brushless servo motor lifts scenery at 48″/sec.

Safe – Slack line detection, dual brakes, primary and ultimate limits, and emergency stop circuit. Spotline Practical is engineered with future standards and best practices in place.

Price: $7500

Available May 2017*

*Call for Rental availability



Size 14.75″ wide x 21″ high x 20.8″ deep
Weight 70 lbs.
Max Speed 48″/sec
Motion Control Built-in controller. Spikemark compatible via Ethernet.
Capacity 15 lb safe working load at full speed
Drum Capacity 35 feet of built in cable
Motor 300W brushless servo
Gear Ratio 25:1
Motor Input Voltage 110VAC 60Hz 1-phase
Max Input Current 10A
Lifting Medium Power 110V with a max 1200W
Power Receptacle PowerCON True1
Drawing Coming soon.
Manual Coming soon.

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