Gareth’s talk at USITT

Creative Conners President Gareth Conner speaks at USITT USITT Gabfest

Gareth and I went out to Milwaukee last week for USITT 2013. It was a great conference and we had a good time catching up with our friends, meeting some customers in person and talking to new people. Gareth spoke at ‘Turntables On A Budget’ with Scott Bartlett. Scott gave a great talk about different construction techniques and materials choices if you’re tight on money and need a revolve. Gareth spoke about our products, how they integrate with revolves and how affordable they are, especially the rentals. It was also really cool to hear a lot of people talk about the Creative Conners system as the emerging “Industry Standard” for automation in live theatre. A big thanks to everyone who spreads the word! All in all, a great time. See you all in Texas in 2014!